It's Vaycay Time

Wednesday Nov 2nd, 2022


Who doesn't love a well-deserved vacation? Your real estate agent is no exception! We all need a little reset and escape from our day-to-day lives to help us feel our best. Realtors' hours usually differ because we work for ourselves, making our schedules packed! How can we get away while also running our businesses? Today we are going to tell you in this episode of The Jean Richer Show.  [read more]

Why I Love Ottawa Real Estate!

Wednesday Nov 16th, 2022


Ottawa, a great place to live!  I have enjoyed living in the Ottawa area my whole life. Selling real estate here has been an amazing part of my career! Since Ottawa is a government town, it helps the market to evolve consistently and to stay relatively stable, even through the typical seasonal lulls. Ottawa has many thriving neighbourhoods to move into if you are considering calling Ottawa your new home. There is always so much to do and to discover. In this new episode of The Jean... [read more]

Is It Time To Renew Your Mortgage?

Wednesday Nov 9th, 2022


Your renewal has arrived! What should you do next? We suggest talking to your mortgage broker about your options moving forward. As the years go by, our financial options change in our life. There may be room to adjust your mortgage payments based on this. It is ideal to be informed about what options you have to choose from when planning for the future. Your mortgage broker can walk you through the best choice for you and your family. Watch the above video for more... [read more]

How We Use Tech In Real Estate

Wednesday Oct 26th, 2022


A Little Tech Talk Today we are jumping into one of my favourite subjects, tech! Technology is such a big part of my world, personally and in my business! The real estate market has changed so much over the years and technology has evolved to make it easier and more efficient to sell homes in today's market. In this episode of The Jean Richer Show, we are going to be talking about how we as a team use tech to market and sell your home in the most efficient way! Watch the above... [read more]

Our Top 4 Selling Tips For Fall!

Wednesday Oct 19th, 2022


Want Your Buyer To Fall In Love? You've decided, it's time to sell your home this fall here in Ottawa! You're excited to embark on a new adventure, finding a home that is better suited to your wants and needs. Each season in our city comes with its own set of challenges that we need to embrace to make selling your home a breeze. Today we are discussing 4 tips to put in place to make selling your home simple and to help your buyer say yes to your property! Find out how... [read more]