Jean Richer

Getting Ready To Sell Part 4 : Photography & Videography

Wednesday Aug 17th, 2022


Should you hire a photographer? When it comes to putting your best foot forward when selling your home, we will always recommend professional photography and videography. When a buyer starts their home search, they will go online to look for properties in their area first. If you want your home to pop on MLS, you will need professional photography to do so! We want to show the best side of your home to attract buyers to want to make it their own. Check out the above video for more... [read more]

Getting Ready To Sell : Part 3 Home Staging

Wednesday Aug 10th, 2022


Home staging, is it worth it? Today we are bringing you part 3 of our 'Selling Like a Pro' series, our topic is home staging! We recommend home staging to our clients in most situations. A home stager is trained to appeal to the wants and needs of the buyer, they are able to attract their eye and tug on their heartstrings. As we know buying a home is an emotional decision, the home stager knows how to help the buyer to imagine themselves living there, which is extremely valuable... [read more]

Getting Ready To Sell : Part 2 Decluttering

Wednesday Aug 3rd, 2022


The Power of Decluttering!  This is an essential step for getting your home ready to sell! The goal during showings is to convey your home's assets, one of those assets being space. When you eliminate excess items from your space, the buyer will be able to see all the great qualities your home has to offer without being distracted by the clutter. When you move you are most likely going to be downsizing a little, so why not do this step ahead of time? To learn more... [read more]

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Brand New Home?

Wednesday Jul 20th, 2022


Can you picture yourself in a new home? Buying a home for you and your family is a huge decision! It can be the most significant transaction of your life! How do you know if a home is right for you? The beautiful thing about choosing new construction is that you are in the driver's seat! There are many aspects of the home that you are able to customize to your taste. There is a level of security and peace of mind when buying a new home as well. You are less likely to have to pay for... [read more]

Why Should You Stage Your Home?

Wednesday Jul 13th, 2022


Is home staging really that important? Home staging has become more popular in recent years. Many buyers expect a home to be well set up and presentable when they come to visit for a showing. A stager is your friend! They know exactly what a buyer is looking for. As we know, our emotions are involved in purchasing a house. This is going to be your new home! The place you will make lasting memories with your family. A stager is trained to design in a way that will hit those... [read more]