Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Friday Mar 10th, 2023


Spring is a beautiful season of growth and renewal. From the flower buds blossoming, the tree's leaves growing and the longer days of sunshine, what isn’t there to love about spring? Many forms of home decor are inspired by nature. From the colours to the textures, we can always find inspiration from the world around us to make our space feel like home. With spring as our muse, we are sharing a few ways to bring the outside into our home styling endeavours to reconnect with nature and celebrate spring's arrival! Let’s jump in! 

Decor Accents

Spring is known for its soft colours, pastel pinks, blues and yellows. Incorporating these hues into your home decor will help liven up your space, making it feel fresh and bright! We recommend adding a few pops of colour through your decor accents for a tasteful homage to spring. Add vases of various sizes with dried flowers and tapered candle sticks to a shelf or a fireplace mantle in playful colours. Or add a few hardcover books and ceramics to the coffee table for an extra touch! 

Textured Linens 

Play with light colours and textures by switching out your winter pillow shams, throw blankets and curtains, for spring additions. This change is also perfect for your bedroom linens. Switch up your heavy sheets and thick duvet cover for a more airy option full of colour and pattern. 

Artwork Reimagined

A room can completely change when you swap out the artwork hung on the wall. To make an impact in a big way add a few bold prints to your space to instantly bring in colour and warmth! 

Signature Scent

Bring the smell of spring inside with a few curated scents. Candles, reed diffusers, and essential oil diffusers are the perfect addition to the home. Adding a spring scent to your space will help bring the outside in, and it will help to create a relaxed atmosphere. Spring scents to look out for when shopping are eucalyptus, lilac, cherry blossom, and citrus. 

Fabulous Floral's

The most obvious way to bring spring inside is through flowers! Adding a fresh bouquet to your home will liven up your space instantly! We suggest heading to your local nursery and choosing a few different stems to create a more custom look in your home. Play with height and texture and don’t forget to get creative!

Paint Perfection! 

Who doesn’t love a little curb appeal? Truly embrace the spring season by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint! Adding a light colour to your door will help it stand out from the road. A soft blue, green or yellow paint colour is a beautiful addition to any home! Add a few decorative pieces to your porch like a floral wreath, a few potted plants, and a new welcome mat to complete the project. 

Plant Love

If you are a plant lover, adding a few indoor plants to your home can add life to any area. A large plant can create dimension and visual interest within a room. Plants can also be used as focal point and will make the room feel calm and soothing. Start your own mini jungle by propagating new life from your healthy plants. Snip off a piece of your plants stem to then place it in water. Watch as the roots grow and change. Before you know it, you will have a new baby plant ready to be put in a pot! 

There you have it! We hope these ideas help you to embrace spring to the fullest in your beautiful home! Happy decorating! 

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