The Perfect Snow Day

Tuesday Nov 08th, 2022


Let's Set The Scene

You wake up on your own without the sound of an alarm clock. You stand up, stretch and make your way to the window. As you peer outside you see a fresh layer of winter snow on the ground. The tree branches in your backyard are heavy with layers of snowflakes. The sun is shining down on them, making everything it touches, sparkle. A morning like this fills the mind with flashbacks of childhood, patiently waiting for our parents to tell us it's a snow day. Knowing the day is going to be filled with freedom to play and relax in any way you wish! The nostalgia warms the heart just picturing it. 

The perfect winter day naturally starts with a delicious breakfast, and this one is sweet!

There is something so special about a stacked plate full of waffles when you have nowhere to go. To add a little winter flair to your favourite waffle recipe, top them with a sifting of icing sugar, whipped cream and the fruit of your choice. If you are a chocolate lover, why not add mini chips right into the batter? Now it's time to dig in! Eat your special breakfast somewhere fun. Make a picnic in the living room, or enjoy a good old breakfast-in-bed moment! Now that you are fueled for the day, it's time for a little adventure! 

What is your snow day favourite, snowshoeing, skating or skiing?

Winter in Ottawa has been and will forever be a thrill! The city is built for taking on the snow this time of year! We know how to stay active and busy despite the chilly Canadian temperatures! 

  • If enjoying a scenic snowshoe in nature is for you, you should head to one of these nearby locations. Britannia Winter Trail, Camp Fortune or the Ottawa West Winter Trail.
  • If you are a cross-country lover, these local spots are for you! Ottawa's Greenbelt, Gatineau Park or Ski Heritage East.
  • Do you want to skate your heart out? Try the Museum Ice Rink, Brewery Creek Skating Rink or Lansdowne Skating Court! You are sure to have a fun-filled morning making memories in the snow with your family around the city.
  • If you would rather spend your snow day at home, why not build a snowman in your backyard, or at a nearby park? Have a light-hearted snowball fight, or make snow angels together. You can't go wrong with these winter classics!
  • After your snow-filled morning is through, come back inside to warm up with everyone's favourite hot winter drink, hot chocolate. Don't forget the marshmallows! 

Let's get cozy inside on this snowy afternoon!

Here are a few activities to try if they appeal to you!

  • Read a good book. Cozy up by the fire, cover yourself in blankets and get lost in your current read. 
  • Play a little music for the soul. Do you have a record player? Relax in your living room with the sound of your favourite vinyl in the background. Take a moment to truly listen to the music from the speakers, close your eyes and take it in. But if the music you love makes you want to dance, have a dance party in the living room!
  • Cookie time! Who doesn't love a cookie right from the oven on a cold day? Memories are often made in the kitchen. This one-on-one time with your spouse or your children is the perfect way to connect and have a great time together baking a delicious recipe!
  • Try your hand at the arts! Could you create a watercolour picture for your home? This activity is relaxing and a great way to use the creative side of your brain to pass the time.
  • Build a puzzle. It's time to haul out that giant puzzle you haven't had time to build in forever! This activity is sure to keep you busy for a few hours!

The sun is going down, now it's time to have a relaxing evening in together.

It's dinner time!

  • No dish feels more comforting and warm in the winter than a hearty bowl of homemade chili! Take the time to perfect your family recipe, and make the dish special with an array of toppings! A dollop of sour cream, a sprinkle of cheese, green onion and tortilla chips! This chili is sure to warm you from the inside out on this cold winter evening. If you are feeling ambitious, make a batch of cornbread as a side dish! They make the perfect pairing. Not a chili fan? Having a family pizza night is a great alternative. Everyone can make their own pizza just the way they like it! 
  • It's time to light a few winter-scented candles to make the space cozy and prepare for a movie marathon. Get the popcorn popping and throw on one of your most loved winter-themed films while you settle in on the couch. Do you want this movie night to be extra special? Make a blanket fort together and set up a projector to watch the movie on a hung-up sheet!
  • If movies aren't your family's thing, have a game night together instead! Hall out those board games and cards, and get snacks prepared for the table. Now, let the friendly competition begin! We know you'll laugh the night away as you play together.

This will no doubt be a snow day to remember!

Winter days off don't come by very often, it's important to enjoy them to the fullest when they do! Here's to making more memories this winter with the family, and to spending more time together every chance you get! Now get out there and enjoy the beautiful snow! 

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