15 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Friday May 19th, 2023


Summer is almost here, you know what that means! Hot days are on their way, and staying cool is a must! As much as we love the hot temperatures the season provides, it's equally important to cool down after all your fun in the sun! Here are 15 ways you can stay cool and comfortable while still having the best summer ever!  


Visit A Water Park 

  • Visit a nearby water park with friends or family to enjoy various water rides. You are sure to cool down by taking it easy zooming down a water slide! 



Play Indoor Mini-Golf

  • Many indoor mini-golf centers are air-conditioned, making them ideal for staying cool. We recommend glow-in-the-dark mini golf, it's perfect for cooling down on a hot day! 



Visit A Library

  • Enjoy the cool and quiet environment of your local library while catching up on a great book. If you need a weekday reset, head to the library for a change of scenery if you work from home. 



Go For A Hike

  • Find a nearby hiking trail that offers shade and enjoy a scenic hike while staying cool. The best spots are by the water, bring your bathing suit and take a refreshing dip on your way back to the car. 



Play Indoor Laser Tag

  • Laser tag centers are a fun way to beat the heat while enjoying an adrenaline rush. Bring your friends along to play a few rounds and take in that fresh ac!



Join A Painting Class

  • Get artistic and join an indoor painting class to cool off while learning a new skill. This is a great activity to enjoy with a friend while sipping on a refreshing drink! 



Go To The Spa

  • Enjoy a relaxing massage or spa treatment at a local spa. Unwind and enjoy the spa amenities in the cool atmosphere. 



Join A Cooking Class

  • Learn to cook delicious summer recipes indoors and stay cool this season by attending a cooking class. Sign up at a nearby institute to let the fun begin! 



Enjoy A Cold Drink On A Patio

  • Find a rooftop bar or restaurant for a refreshing drink with a stunning view. Catch up with friends in the cool breeze while you enjoy your evening and the tasty drinks! 



Go For A Swim

  • Who does love a trip to the beach in the summer? Put your toes in the sand, kick back and take a swim and cool off at your local beach or lake. 



Visit An Indoor Attraction

  • Take a day trip to one of your city's museums or art galleries in the downtown core. Spend the afternoon learning something new and taking in a little piece of valuable culture and history. 



Watch A Movie

  • It's movie time! Head to the nearest theater to catch the latest blockbuster movie. Grab the best seat in the house and don't forget the snacks!



Have A Water Fight

  • In your backyard fill up some water guns or water balloons and have a fun-filled water fight with friends. This is a great way to cool down and have a good laugh as you are transported to your childhood for an afternoon. 



Visit An Ice Cream Shop

  • Treat yourself to some ice cream or a cold milkshake at your favourite ice cream shop. This frosty treat is sure to keep you cool on a sunny summer afternoon. 



Go Bowling

  • Rent a lane and have a blast bowling with your family or friends. This air-conditioned spot is the perfect break from the heat! Have some fun playing arcade games and enjoying savoury snacks when you are done!

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