2021 Design Trends

Monday Jul 05th, 2021



2021 Design Trends:





Trendy new home decor ideas that are demanding to be seen this year!

Lets take one more trip around the sun with these trends before they are gone in 2022!



Paint and Style

Colour is making a comeback this year. Both muted colours  and bold statement colours are in style. Earth tones such as calming ocean teals, forest greens and soft pinks and yellows with a clay-inspired feel. Separating areas of a room with paint is on-trend. Different shapes of wall arches are seen all over social media. This style creates contrast and visually separates zones of the same space. Light coloured contrast ceilings are being tackled by the mold and the brave. Another style that is coming back is adding wall paneling such as wainscoting in your small spaces. Or a bold wallpaper. Wallpaper is seen in small places such as the powder room, as well as big areas like feature walls in dining room or home offices. The styles this year are abstract, geometric, the botanical style, some tropical, textured statement styles and animal print. 





This year we are seeing many different styles and lighting concepts in design. There is something new and modern for everyones personal taste. While previously, lighting may have seemed like a finishing touch in a place, it is now becoming the focal point, and the topic of conversation. Designs are being created around a lighting concept first, and the decor, paint and furniture are taking a step back.




Like the paint tends we are seeing today, bold, colourful lighting with personality are very in! We are seeing oversized shades, abstract shapes, textures and pattern in the retro style. Falling into line with these concepts are exposed bulbs, gold and black finishes and glass design. We are also seeing floor lighting, lamps, pendants and wall mounted lighting all sharing the stage in the same room in design.





Earthly, natural elements are having their day in the sun. Many people are doing their part to lower their ecological footprint in their homes and lifestyles. This movement is also influencing deign and energy efficient lighting. We are seeing more stone, wood, metal and wicker designs in lighting, and in the industrial style. Interesting and unique styles of blown glass are making statements in homes this year as well.





Lets talk decor. Decor is designer specific. Some of the best pieces come from our life experiences, our travels, our loves. And like our lives, it is ever changing. But those pieces that are near and dear to us, can be deigned in a new way. Given the circumstances in the world today, many of us are reevaluating our spaces. Whether that is in design or room. We are more interested in being comfortable, feeling safe, cozy and warm. Design has moved in that direction with us. Natural furniture, vintage inspired, clean, minimalism is here. And with those elements comes sculptured pieces, interesting styles of furniture, and the unconventional. 




We are taking back our spaces. They are becoming multipurpose. Formal rooms are a thing of the past. That rarely  used guest room? Its an office, a yoga space, an artists creative escape. The warmth travels to our design choices, both in textile and texture. From plaster walls to hanging rugs, from vintage furniture to that extra throw pillow. Plants are becoming more popular in our spaces. They are a focal point of our homes. They also bring nature inside and help to calm our worries. But most trendy of all in decor 2021? Are unique and personal touches. That is what makes your home so special. It is a reflection of you, your journeys and your life. 



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