8 Ways To Stay Productive This Spring

Thursday Mar 09th, 2023


Spring is almost here!

It has been a long and cold winter. We, and I'm sure yourself as well, are overjoyed with spring's pending arrival! We are waving goodbye to the snow, and hello to sunshine and warmer weather. Spring is known as the season of new beginnings. It is a time when we can step back and examine our routines and schedules to find ways to create more joy and happiness. So put a little pep in your step and join us as we get ready, organized and prepared for a new fabulous season! We are breaking down eight great ways to stay productive this spring to keep you organized, with the added benefit of spending the summer doing nothing but enjoying some R&R! 

One: Write a to-do list 
As we see the new seasonal growth blooming this time of year, it can make us think about how we are growing and changing in our personal lives. That is why we are starting this countdown with a spring to-do list. As they say, a goal is not a goal until it’s written down. So grab your pen and paper and get to writing! Start a brainstorm of all of the tasks that you’d like to accomplish throughout the spring season. Whether that be doing some deep spring cleaning around the house or simply taking the time to see friends on the weekends to add a little more light to your life. Curate your list to your specific needs. Try not to make the list too long to not overwhelm yourself with goals to achieve. The goals should be both tangible for you and positive for your life! 

Two: Make The Most Of Daylight
Daylight savings time is upon us. We are pushing the clocks forward, and that means that we will be able to take advantage of a few extra hours of daylight this spring season. This provides the perfect opportunity to add more productivity to our day. With a little extra daylight, you can create a new morning routine, either filled with self-care and relaxation or with a boost of energy working out or getting some vitamin D with a walk outside! Having more light in the evening also allows us to enjoy more recreational activities and time with friends and family. Head to a nearby restaurant for after-dinner drinks or take a bike ride on a beloved trail! There are so many possibilities! 

Three: Wardrobe Change Up
Set aside some time to switch up the clothes in your closet. If you have spring/summer clothing storage, now is the time to switch out a few pieces. Winter's chill isn’t behind us yet, however, we can add a few spring items to the dresser and the closet to manifest a warmer month ahead. Grab a few patterned prints and a little colour to step away from the dark tones of winter. You will instantly feel lighter when the heavy sweaters and knits are out of sight and out of mind! Taking out a few outfits will help you to see if there are any gaps in your spring wardrobe. You can slowly start to update your closet to get prepared for the seasonal events to come! 

Four: Workspace Cleanup
A clutter-free space promotes a clutter-free mind. If you work from your house, your home office may be a multi-purpose space. If this is the case this area may be a dumping ground for many different items. Taking the time to organize and declutter your space can help boost your productivity and your focus. If you work in an office, your desk is no doubt in a similar state of disarray. This office clean-up is still a great idea to help get your mind back on track! Going through your files, paperwork and office supplies will help create the ideal environment for you to get all of your needed work done!

Five: Social Media Cleanse 
Reducing your social media usage could be just the refresh you need this spring. If your goal is to take back time within your schedule, then this is the perfect idea for you to try out. Start by tracking your usage every week. Seeing the high number of minutes or hours you spend scrolling could help you to evaluate how much time you may be losing during the day and night. As much as social media is an enjoyable place to see photos of those we love and share our lives with the world, taking a step back can often help us to gain perspective about the important things in life and take the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest. 

Six: Rest and Repeat
When we imagine what productivity looks like, we may picture power cleaning the home, or spending the weekend doing errands and meal prepping for the week ahead. One point we need to remember is that rest is also a productive use of our time. To keep our bodies healthy and happy, we require rest to function to the best of our abilities. Whether it be taking some downtime to read a good book, have a nap, unwind in the bath or just watch a movie, the choice is up to you! Remember to add rest to your schedule to make sure it is part of your day and an important priority. 

Seven: Find Spring Joy 
As they say, take time to smell the flowers! The spring season comes and goes quickly, so why not take advantage of its beauty while you can? Ottawas parks are the perfect place to enjoy a picnic with your friends. We suggest kayaking along Dow’s Lake, it is a beautiful area. Stop for a picnic by the shore when you are done to finish off the ideal afternoon. Or you can head towards Ottawa's downtown core to take a scenic stroll, do some shopping and get a treat along the way! Stop by The Merry Dairy for an ice cream cone, it’s incredible! For our cycling lovers out there, you can head to the Ottawa river pathway to bike through wooded areas, and you can see the sights of the river right beside you. You can truly feel the wind in your hair! 

Eight: Staying Well 
Staying healthy should be a high priority all year long! Spring is the perfect time to get exercise outside. After a long winter of staying inside on cold days, the weather is warming up, and there are many fun activities available for us to enjoy, like bicycling and hiking! An important part of staying well is having a healthy immune system. This is boosted by eating healthy food, taking in needed nutrients through vitamins, drinking water and getting a good night's sleep. We recommend creating a daily schedule to follow. This will help you to keep your goals on track so that you can live your healthiest life and stay well! We hope you enjoyed our 8 ways to stay productive this spring list and that you can use it in the coming weeks right into the new season!  

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