A Rainy Day in Ottawa

Monday Nov 01st, 2021


"The Rain Day List"

The key to spending a great rainy day in Ottawa, lies in the activities. We found some great local spots to get lost in on those days where the sun won't shine. You can still have a little city fun, no matter the weather! Ottawa has so much to offer and discover, lets explore!


Visit one of Ottawa's Finest Museums!

There is something for everyone in Ottawa's many museum locations. Whether you are interested in art, history, science or space, there is a place for you to explore and learn something new. This is a great way to spend a few hours of your rainy afternoon. Finish off your visit with a trip to the museums cafe for a coffee or find something special at the gift shop!

Canadian Museum of Nature
Canadian Aviation and Space Museum
National Gallery of Canada 
Canadian Museum of History 
Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
Canada Science and Technology Museum 
Ottawa art gallery


Dine and Play Games!

The Loft Board Game Lounge

The Loft offers a stay and play package for 7 dollars, giving you access to their wide variety of board games and video games to play with your dining companions. The loft offers a pub-style menu to order from while you play board games and enjoy each others company. Relax, savour a snack and reminisce over board games from your childhood with your pals. It's all about having fun! Visit their location localy in Ottawa at 14 Waller ST.


Visit "Hangout", located at 839 Somerset St. This lounge cafe is the perfect spot to have a sweet treat with your loved ones and enjoy playing some games! This trendy location offers tasty desserts and drinks like their iced bubble coffees, decadent cakes, brick toasts and milk teas. Visiting the Hangout is a great way to spend a rainy Saturday and have some quality time with your friends in the city.


Painting Ceramics 

Head to one of Ottawa's great ceramic painting locations, like the Mud Oven, Colour me mine, and Art Heaven on your rainy day of fun. These spots offer a wide variety of ceramics to choose from and paint colours to make them unique to you. The process involves painting your ceramic object a few times in order to darken the colour of the paint before it is cured by one of the staff members. Then after a few days, you are able to take your original piece home to enjoy! Painting is a great way to reduce stress. The process is relaxing and time melts away as you work. Having a creative outlet can get your mind off your worries and give you something concrete to focus on. Many find the process of painting their chosen piece calming and rewarding when it is finished. Here are the great locations mentioned above!

The Mud Oven is located at 1065 Bank St.

Colour Me Mine located at 525 Industrial Ave. 

Art Haven is located at 200 Kennevale Dr.


We hope you liked these rainy day ideas we found around the city. The Jean Richer team loves to explore and enjoy Ottawas local businesses. What better time to visit these indoor fun locations than on a rainy day. If you enjoyed any of these suggestions please reach out and tell us about the fun you had! We would love to stay in touch!




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