Bicycle Around Ottawa!

Friday Apr 08th, 2022


Bicycle Ottawa's Amazing Trails

It's the season to cycle your heart out!

The Health Benefits

Why should I take up bicycling? Bicycling can be a great form of exercise. The sport is customizable to the individual, in both intensity and longevity. Biking builds strength and mobility, it benefits posture, and flexibility and boosts core strength. Bicycling can improve your overall sleeping patterns. It has also been proven that bicycling has many mental health benefits. It can reduce stress, minimize anxiety and lessen some symptoms of depression. What can't bicycling do? We, the citizens in Ottawa live in the perfect location to enjoy bicycling this time of year. Our city has many different pathways and locations to experience this great form of exercise to the fullest.

The Capital Pathway

The Capital Pathway takes its roots throughout the city, making access points wide and plentiful. Enjoy the paved trail while taking in the atmosphere and landscape of the city. Depending on which route you choose on this pathway, you can see the buildings and museums downtown, the running river, and landmarks in our city.

Experimental Farms Pathway

The Experimental Farms Pathway has many entry locations, allowing the option to choose the closest spot to you. The pathway is very scenic this time of year. The fields are filled with flowers and growing vegetation. You can glide through the paved trails that will explore some forested areas filled with trees, as well as the open fields of the farms themselves. This will also lead you to the Food and Agriculture Museum. Make sure to take some extra time to visit with the animals on your path, you are sure to see a cow or two when you go by the farms!

Rideau River Eastern Pathway

Enjoy the paved Rideau River Eastern Pathway. As you cycle along the route you will be met with picturesque waterfall views. These waterfalls on your travels are the Rideau Falls and Hogs Back Falls. The trail also passes by local parks and goes over bridges. This could be a nice relaxing, scenic spot for a picnic on your biking adventure. Continue to get closer to nature as you cycle through the trees and enjoy the proximity to the Rideau River beside you.

Greenbelt Pathways

Travel through the large and spacious Greenbelt Pathway on your bicycle to keep the adventures coming. There are many different paths that connect to this pathway so you are able to customize your routine to your preferred location. If you are in the East end of Ottawa, try biking Pine Grove Trail or Greens Creek. If you are in the West end, try Stony Swamp Trail or Pinhey Forest. Most of these trails are in wooded areas with mature forests. You are sure to get close and personal with nature all around you, whether you are exploring the plants or the animal life. It's important to note the trails on the greenbelt are a combination of pavement or crushed stone in different areas.

Tour Ottawa

Visit the Ottawa Tourism website to discover a sightseeing cycling route 7.5 km in length. This route will take you on a tour where you are the guide of your own city. See popular landmarks and hidden gems as you adventure on this route with your loved ones. Happy Bicycling everyone!  


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