Date Night Guide

Wednesday Jan 19th, 2022


Let's Have A Date Night!

During the winter months, it can be easy to stay inside. Especially because we live in Ottawa Ontario. The fun daytime dates of skating, and enjoying winter treats can be over quickly given the coldness of the temperatures. That gives us a problem to solve. How can you enjoy a fun and spontaneous date night from the comfort of your home on days when it's too cold to go out? We have created a great list of ways to do just that! These ideas are inexpensive, and they simply help you to reconnect and enjoy each other's company. Let's get started, shall we? Let the dating begin!

Board Game Extravaganza
This is an age-old classic. Grab your favourite board games, puzzles, and cards and have a game night in together! Spend the evening enjoying snacks, and music while turning off the screens and having some one on one time. Why not make a specialty cocktail you haven't tried before to drink while you play?

An Unplugged Evening
With busy schedules and time ever-fleeting from our days, it can be hard to unwind and detach from our devices. On your next date night, turn off the tv, your phones, and the computer. Take the time to read, relax, or maybe enjoy cooking a meal together to enjoy. Unplugging from distractions is the perfect way to focus on your person and evening you'd like to plan together. 

Candle Makers Extraordinaire
This is a fun inexpensive idea to get creative on a night in. Stop by your local craft store to pick up the needed materials to make homemade candles. These typically include candle wax flakes, wicks, essential oils, and colour but find the perfect recipe that suits you. 
Then go to a thrift store to find some cool cups to pour the wax into. You can really make unique decor for your home together and have fun learning a new hobby!


Movie Night Fort 
The traditional movie night usually takes place on the couch. Why not move locations and make this timeless tradition that much more fun. Grab your laptop, or your projector if you have one, and create your ideal setup in a blanket fort! If you have an air mattress blow it up, then add blankets and pillows to make it cozy. Stabilize the fort with chairs as you did as a kid. Then choose your favourite snacks to arrange around your fort, and remember, don't forget the popcorn! 

Crafty Date Night 
This date night idea is totally up to your preference. If you both have a hobby currently that you love, take the time to enjoy it together. This could be painting, sewing, playing an instrument, dancing, or baking, just to name a few. You can learn a new skill together with online classes and tutorials or take the time to teach your partner your beloved hobby. 

Spoil Yourself Spa Night 
Who doesn't love some R&R? Being pampered and relaxed on a date night is the perfect way to unwind. Light your favourite candles, and make homemade face masks together. Slice cucumbers to place on your eyes, and listen to soothing spa sounds as you relax. Soak your feet in bath salts and then do DIY pedicures and feet massages! Finish the night off with herbal tea and a cooling undereye treatment.

Themed Destination Date Night
This is a date idea you can really personalize to your liking. Start by picking a destination you have always wanted to travel to. Spend the night immersing yourself in the culture of your chosen place. Cook a dish that the destination is famous for, listen to the local music and try a specialty drink from there as well. This is a great way to start a conversation about a future vacation you would like to take there and what parts of the culture you would love to explore together. 

Shake a Date Jar
Sometimes coming up with fun date ideas is hard. You can get into a rut of doing the same things or going to the same places. If you are interested in shaking things up, try creating a Shake a Date Jar. This is how it works. Sit down and write fun date ideas on sticky notes that you would love to do in the future. If you are lost for ideas use the internet, or this blog to help add to your list. When you are finished put the notes in a jar. When date night comes around take turns picking a note from the jar and then go and enjoy that date! It's as easy as that. 

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