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Thursday Jun 09th, 2022


Cutting The Clutter


That is a word that holds a hefty weight behind it. For a lot of us, the idea of a clean, well-organized space can feel like a dream...but an unachievable one. Everywhere you look, there is stuff. Stuff that doesn't belong, stuff that needs to be put away, stuff that you no longer use. But no matter how hard you try, you can't escape it all. When space is free from clutter, it is easier and faster to clean your home. Your stress levels decrease as your home becomes a place of peace once again. And little by little, things become that much simpler. Although it may seem like a task that isn't possible to achieve right now, with a little help and a plan in place, clutter can be overcome! If you are ready to tackle the clutter head-on, come along with us as we give you some tips and tricks on how to get started today! 


We like to start with a goal in mind, because in our team, "goals that are not written down, are just wishes."

  • Start by thinking about the parts of your home that need mouth-to-mouth. The ones that are in desperate need of your saving for the sake of your sanity. Be specific with these areas to help you achieve your goals one at a time and write them down.
  • Then break them down by room to help keep you on track. For example "I want to declutter under the sink in the bathroom." Or "I want to declutter the clothes in my bedroom closet."
  • Many experts say that you should start with a small attainable decluttering task that you know you can bang out of the park. You need to have that feeling of success and achievement to motivate you to keep going on this journey. Whether this is cleaning off the countertops in your kitchen, or going through your medicine cabinet, pick something simple to do first.
  • Keep your goal intact. When you think about how hard or how much work it will be to declutter a space, remember why you are doing it in the first place. Decide what that is and keep it in the forefront of your mind. Maybe you want more time back in your day, or maybe you want to be less frustrated with your living situation, find your answer, and stick with it. 


As you begin to tackle your first goal there are a few important things to keep in mind. 

  • Everything in your space has a home. Keep a bin, a bag, or a box with you to store the items that do not live in that specific space you are decluttering. That way you are removing the items without getting distracted by trying to put each item away at once. If you are anything like me, you will start a task and a few minutes later, find yourself in another room distracted by a new task that also needs to be done. Remember to fully complete a task before moving on to the next. 
  • Check around your space for garbage or broken items that need to make their exit. Feel free to throw them out right away in a nearby bin.
  • As you begin your purge of items no longer in use, decide which things are donatable or sellable out of your lot and organize them accordingly. You can collect the items meant for donation, put them in a bag, and take them to your car when you are finished decluttering. As for the items you plan on selling, take a few moments to take photos of the items and put them up for sale at the end of your decluttering so you don't forget. Have a timeline for these items in place. If they are not sold by a certain period of time, plan to donate them or give them to a loved one in need. Remember to write this plan down and follow through. 


Consistency is the key to your success.

  • Each day devote a certain amount of time towards meeting one of your decluttering goals, anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes will do. Set a timer to keep yourself accountable and to insure you do not overdo it. This will make decluttering part of your lifestyle and you will start to see a difference in your home in no time. 
  • Decluttering is about making your space work for you. This doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of money on organizational solutions. Decluttering can happen today with what you already have.
  • Utilize baskets already in your home, move items around to gain more space, and brainstorm how having less could make your home more functional for everyday life.
  • An important tip to remember is to not continuously bring more items into your home. Enjoy having a bit more space without the need to fill it. Follow the one in, one out rule. If there is something that you need to buy, remove another item in your home when you get it. This rule works best in closets with clothing and shoes. Sell the other item or donate it, but try to not do it often. More things result in more decluttering. We are aiming to save time, not lose it. 
  • Small changes can make all the difference in our daily routines. Incorporating regular decluttering will make it easier to let go of items that you do not use, to find organizational solutions, and keep the clutter at bay for good. 
  • We hope these tips help you to take back your home and utilize the space you already have. Happy decluttering! 


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