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DIY Home Decor Upgrades

Saturday Jul 31st, 2021


Try these Simple and Affordable DIY Home Decor Upgrades!

Decorating your home is how you bring your personality and unique stamp into your space. Whether your style is eclectic, bohemian, mid-century modern, industrial etc, your home is a reflection of you. Home decor brings what we enjoy into our homes. Our travels, our experiences, our photos and much more. Perhaps like me, you are excited to change up the look of your home inexpensively when you can. We have found some simple do it yourself projects on the wide wonderful web from the experts themselves that we hope you will enjoy. If you are interested in selling your home, these ideas may add the extra touch you are looking for. We hope you love these great DIY's! 

DIY Wall Hanging Pegboard 

With life's busy schedules and fast pace, our homes can easily become cluttered and hard to tackle. Areas, like the home office, in particular, can use a little organizational support. When space is limited and storage is scarce we may feel we have nowhere to turn. A great alternative solution is creating a functional storage wall. Pegboards are a great option for home organization. You can customize the attachments to accommodate the needs of the place. Shelves can be added as well as pegboard accessories like containers and hooks. The great advantage is that if your vision for the space changes it's simple to add new attachments and decor. Follow Vintage Revivals step by step tutorial on their website to learn how to make your own custom pegboard for your home. They made a very natural and aesthetically pleasing recreation, displaying home decor and house plants.

DIY Upholstered Headboard

As any true DIY creator knows, making something original and unique starts with your vision. Perhaps you have been indecisive about how to add more comfort and style to your bedroom? Adding a headboard to your bed draws the eye to the focal point of the bedroom as you enter it. Why not design a custom headboard? With a focal point in view, choosing matching decor will help tie the space together. Making a headboard yourself is cost-effective and one of a kind! And creating something by hand is very rewarding. Upholstering this new headboard yourself gives you the option to customize it completely to your taste and your style. Both in shape, design and fabric. Adding a headboard will also give a sense of comfort and relaxation to your bedroom. It is perfect for reading and relaxing at night with optimal comfort and support. Many blogs have shared their take on this DIY, here is a step by step traditional square-shaped bedframe created by "This Old House" that you can customize to you! 

DIY Light Fixture

Upcycle a classic piece of decor, the woven basket, into beautiful lighting! Adding decorative lighting to your space can bring a feeling of relaxation and warmth to the room. Perhaps you have run into this predicament yourself, you want to put a low hanging light in your space but you do not have an electrical box in the area you want to hang a pendant light. This has happened to me when I wanted to add a light fixture over my dining room table. There is a solution! You can upcycle a basket in your home or purchase the perfect one at a local store. By using a wall plug-in cord you can hang the basket from the ceiling with a hook. Lone Fox is an amazing designer, in this DIY video on youtube, he flips inexpensive Ikea items into new, trendy home decor. Try out his basket light DIY today!

DIY Home Art 

Art. It is a vital decor staple in every room of your home. It is the core of your personal style and the personality of your space. As we know, fully decking out our spaces with beautiful art can become very expensive. Perhaps you are interested in changing your wall decor more often which can lead to many trips to the best home goods stores. Why not create some great abstract art from the comfort of your home. Doing so allows you to choose the best complementary colours and styles you are looking for. You may not be an artist, but this DIY is truly for everyone. This modern art is simplistic and on-brand with the styles we see today. Watch XO MaCenna's youtube tutorial, teaching very simple watercolour and acrylic painting techniques to create your own art! Enjoy. 

We hope you enjoyed these fun DIY projects! If you are interested in talking to a professional about putting your house on the market, don't hesitate to contact Jean Richer. He is an expert real estate agent in Ottawa who can help you find out the value of your home! Fill out a free home evaluation form on his website We hope to chat with you soon! 


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