Elevate Your Curb Appeal

Friday Jun 10th, 2022



We have all felt the effects of powerful curb appeal from time to time. Let's set the scene, shall we? You're out for a drive, and you notice a beautiful home that makes you want to stop and stare. It gives you a warm feeling as you admire how put together the space is. You see the flower garden, the decor, and a beautiful front door. It feels so welcoming. 
You think to yourself "The owner must have put so much work into that gorgeous home." 

Why is the beauty of the exterior of your home, so important? It is the first thing people notice when they visit your home. When they pull into the driveway that is where the impression begins. It's not the entryway inside when they open the door, it is when they first see your home from the outside. If you are interested in selling your home this is an important thing to remember. Buying a home is an emotional decision. When a buyer pulls up to your house and steps out of their car, you want them to feel like they could see themselves living there. Today we are going to go over the 4 stages of making your curb appeal pop! These tips are perfect for preparing your home to put on the market, or for enjoying your existing space that much more. Let's give your curb appeal a little face lift with these great ideas and of course...some good old-fashioned elbow grease! 




  • I think cleaning is the best place to start our tips off right. Giving your front yard a tidy will make the rest of this process run smoothly. 
  • Take the time to pick up items that do not belong and put them away, as well as things you may want to move elsewhere. 
  • It's time for a little water. Give your windows a deep clean on the outside to make them sparkle once again! 
  • We recommend pressure washing your home's siding and your walkway and driveway. If you have watched any satisfying cleaning videos online you know what can come off with a good spay down of a pressure washer. This is a big part of our cleaning tips! Restore what you already have.
  • Lastly, take out your leaf blower and remove any left behind debris from your home's property. Now you're looking squeaky clean!



  • You have heard it before, but I'm gonna say it for my people in the back! Repaint your front door. It truly makes the biggest difference in this transformation. You can play it safe and keep it neutral or you can go bold! The amazing part is that it's just paint. If you don't love it, it's a simple fix.
  • Changing your door hardware is also a great choice to complete this fun exterior update! 
  • If you have shutters on your home, painting them is a great way to update the faces of your windows, giving them a little personality. If you don't have shutters and are interested in adding them, there are many affordable options, whether that be making your own or finding them at a local hardware store. 



  • A well-kept lawn is a beautiful thing. It is so appealing and really elevates a home from the outside. Keeping your lawn trim and short on a regular basis really makes an impact.
  • Take the time to reseed your lawn in places where the grass is scarce. With proper care, the spots will grow back in no time! Remember to also edge trim to give your lawn that clean and finished look. 
  • Keeping those weeds at bay is also an important part of proper landscaping. It will take some time but the result will be well worth the effort. 
  • Adding a flower bed to your front yard is a great choice! If you do not have a green thumb, perennial plants are a great option. They require little effort to take care of and grow back a few years in a row! Add some attractive mulch to the top of your flower bed to complete the look!
  • Window boxes are a great addition as well. A few colourful flowers in a box will make your windows pop from the curb! 
  • If gardening is not your thing, consider adding a few hanging flower baskets to your porch, or a few attractive potted plants to give your home entrance some life and seasonal beauty! 



  • Let's add the final touches to make this space welcoming! Let's talk about accessories and additions. We recommend adding a welcome pat in front of your door as well as hanging modern outdoor lighting. If you have a dated mailbox or house number, update them to something more stylish.  Give your front door a seasonal wreath that compliments your door colour! 
  • What makes a porch truly inviting is seating! Add a few chairs or a bench to your porch to invite people to come and stay a while. A few throw pillows and cushions add a comfortable element!
  • If you have an outdoor ac unit that you'd like to hide from plain sight, try creating a DIY cover out of wood! This works well for an unsightly-looking garden hose as well. But if you're not a DIYer you can purchase a hideaway hose reel instead! 



We hope these fresh curb appeal suggestions help you to achieve the design of your dreams before summer is over! Get out there and start decorating! If you'd like to discuss putting your home on the market and get suggestions from our team about how to increase the value of your home with an exterior update, give us a call or reach out through our website today! 


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