Enjoying Winter In Ottawa

Wednesday Nov 17th, 2021


Enjoying Winter In Ottawa

Here we go again. We have had our first snowfall of the year, and you know what that means. Another winter season is upon us. Now let's be honest... Ottawa is cold! Some of us cope by hibernating, curled up at home with blankets and movies. Others are all about winter fun, and our city has a lot of it! Let's take a tiny tour of Ottawa's must experience winter activities, to ensure that you do not miss a thing. 

Spend the Day Skiing/Snowboarding!

The winter conditions in Ottawa make this sport a perfect activity for our winter list. There is nothing like spending a day gliding down the slopes of the hill, enjoying the snow and the company of your loved ones. Whether you are taking in the views from the chair lift or relaxing by a fire with a book in the cabin, there are many aspects to love! During your visit, try night skiing under the lights. There are typically fewer people on the hills making for a more spacious, relaxed experience. For those who do not prefer downhill skiing, cross country skiing is also an option at these hills. Both skiing and snowboarding are beneficial for your health. Being outside in the sun can elevate your mood and contribute to your happiness. They are both great core workouts and are perfect for building muscle. Here are some of Ottawa's closest ski hills for you to try this season. Mount Pakenham, Ski Vorlage, Sommet Edelweiss and Calabogie Peaks Resort


This is quite a beautiful pastime. Taking an early morning snowshoe through the woods when the forest around you is sparkly and quiet. How peaceful! Snowshoeing gets you outside in nature and you can usually bring your dog! Snowshoeing is ideal for everyone, young and old. You are able to choose the difficulty which is rare in winter sports. Snowshoeing clears the mind and can be calming, while at the same time really exercising your lower body muscles. Here are some beautiful snowshoeing spots to try this year. Mer Bleue Conservation Area, Britannia Winter Trail, Rideau Winter Trail, Jack Pine Trail, Wesley Clover Parks. 



A classic winter sport in Ottawa! There are so many outdoor locations to try in the city this winter. The perfect spot, of course, is what Ottawa is famous for, the Canal. The atmosphere and the scenery are beautiful at this location. The canal is generally open from January to early March each year, depending on the weather conditions. Another great location to skate outdoors is at the Rink of Dreams located in front of city hall. During night skating, lights are shining and music is being played, making it so inviting. Another prime location is the RiverOak ice skating trail. This is a spot you don't want to miss! How unique is it to skate through the forest! Hockey playing is encouraged there as well. Skating is such a great activity to do with friends. You are able to socialize and get some healthy exercise outdoors together. Skating benefits our health because it is a powerful cardio workout and heightens endurance. Lastly, Ottawa's community volunteers create skating rinks in our neighborhoods that are open to the public. At some of those spots, you are able to play a game of hockey as well. There are so many opportunities to skate this winter. 


If you are really looking for a winter thrill, try tubing! This fun winter sport is great for anyone, it requires no skill just grab a tube and go up the crazy carpet and then sit and feel the wind through your hair. This is a great activity for younger ones as you can go in the same tube as your child. This is definitely a hidden gem of winter sports. Visit Domaine de l'ange-Gardien, Sommet Edelweiss and Mount Pakenham to try this out locally.

Must Try Winter Treats 

After you have experienced all this winter fun, you are no doubt going to want a winter treat! You must get a beavertail during your outdoor adventures in the city. They have a location on the canal and at the rink of dreams. The perfect spot to take a break from skating to enjoy this hot pastry! Maple taffy is another must-try sweet. Try this unique experience at the Lanark County maple sugar bush. How Canadian, eating maple syrup off a stick! Lastly, why not warm back up with a classic hot chocolate or apple cider! We hope you liked our winter fun list! We would love to hear from you. Reach out and tell us which activity is you and your family's favourite to enjoy in the winter season. 

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