Gifts For First Time Homebuyers

Thursday Nov 10th, 2022


Gift-giving season is upon us, and with that time about to arrive, we are sure you have many loved ones on your list. If The Jean Richer Team knows anyone best, it’s homeowners! Many of our clients are first-time homebuyers making one of the most impactful transactions of their lives! We are so happy to assist them in reaching this goal and in finding the perfect home for their family. If you have a first-time homebuyer in your life, you may be stumped over what to give them as a gift this season. In our home blog, we are going to give you an array of gifting suggestions they are sure to love in their new place!

Personal Gift Ideas

If you are a sentimental gift giver, you love to touch the heart. Why not give the home buyer in your life a decorative piece to commemorate this amazing moment? Here are a few ideas. 

  1. Personalized Home Print. A commissioned artist can create a beautifully detailed image of the home in a style of your choosing. A watercolour pallet is very popular recently. 
  2. Custom Home Map Print. This piece will show the home on a map with their names and the date of their home purchase written on it. Very memorable!
  3. Engraved Cutting Board. This gift is a great addition to the kitchen, it will timelessly display the family name. It's perfect for countertop decor in any space.
  4. Welcome Sign or Door Mat. You can add a little style to their front porch with a sign welcoming their guests with their names. A doormat with their family name or a sweet personal message is also a thoughtful option.
  5. Custom Return Address Stamp. Everyone needs to send mail occasionally, why not add it to their stationery collection? This gift is unique and something homeowners can use for years to come

Practical Gift Options

If you are very close to the new homeowner in your life, giving them a practical gift that they can use and enjoy to the fullest is a great decision. These options are more curated to the tastes of individuals, see if there is one that speaks to you!

  1. A Smart Doorbell. Doorbells are all going digital. They are ideal for safety and convenience. When you are on the go you can still answer the door, or see if a package has arrived.
  2. Stand Mixer. For the home baker in your world! A stand mixer is a larger purchase that many people wait to buy for their kitchen. Choose a colour that would compliment their kitchen decor well.
  3. Kitchen Pans or A Cast Iron Pan. If your loved ones are home cooks, this is a very touching gift. Having quality cookware improves ones cooking experience immensely. 
  4. Home Speaker or Video Display. Every room in the house should have the potential for a spontaneous dance party at any moment. Help the homeowners with their speaker collection, or add a new piece to their tech world with a video display feature. These are great for playing a tv show in the kitchen!
  5. Stone Diffuser with Essential Oils. Who doesn't love adding a beautiful scent to their home? This gift is multipurpose, it adds a touch of decor and it also helps boost your mood, sleep and stress! It's a no-brainer.

Keeping It Cozy

Do you want to give the gift of comfort and relaxation? These ideas will be a great addition to a cozy living room. They can also be added to a gorgeous gift basket! 

  1. Weighted Blanket. Many people are gifted throws and blankets throughout their life, but a weighted blanket is special. They are used to calm the body, to help you get needed rest and to provide comfort like a hug. 
  2. Tapered Candles, Candle Holders, Wick Trimmer. This three-piece set is perfect for adding a touch of ambiance to any space! 
  3. Matcha Tea Kit. Does your loved one live for their matcha order at cafes? Give them the gift of homemade matcha in the morning at home, there are beautiful options out there to choose from. 
  4. French Press. For the coffee lovers! When you have friends over for a coffee date or dessert in the living room, it's very nice to be able to bring out a french press to enjoy together while you catch up. 
  5. Coffee Table Books and Bookends. Having a few books in the living room to flip through while you are relaxing is always handy. Choose a hardcover book with a subject that will appeal to the homeowner. If they are a bookworm, a new set of bookends is a great addition to this gift, choose ones that have some sentimentality to the couple, or that complement their home decor. 

Kitchen Additions

Add a little spice to the homeowner's kitchen with these must-have additions. New homeowners, may be more interested in entertaining guests now than before, possibly due to lack of proper space. It is even more tempting to do so when you have exactly what you need from the loved ones in your life. 

  1. Cloth Napkins and Table Linens. An entertainer lives for an attractive tablescape! Having quality table linens makes the hosting preparation all the more fun.
  2. Wooden Boards and Serving Dishes. When you are preparing appetizers for your guests, having a beautiful board or dish to place them on is so valuable!  
  3. Cheese Knives. A charcuterie board isn't complete without cheese knives to serve yourself with! 
  4. Wood Kitchen Utensils. These are a natural and timeless addition to any new kitchen for the home cook!
  5. Cookbooks or Cocktail Books. Both of these options are a great touch to the home bar or kitchen. We all enjoy trying new recipes from time to time, and what better way than in your new home? 

Bar Essentials 

If you are hosting a housewarming party for the homeowners who already have what they need, a great idea is to have a stock-the-bar party. If you are a newly married couple or new to home ownership, it can take time to build a bar and collect different types of alcohol throughout the years to create drinks with. This is a great opportunity to accomplish that in one evening with the help of friends and family!

Many essential pieces are needed to create a home bar or a bar cart in a space. Here are a few gift ideas you can get to help them to start their very own. A cocktail shaker set, glass decanters, a wine chiller, an ice container with tongs, a variety of stemware, a bottle opener and corkscrew, coasters, a muddler and much more!

This concludes our first-time homeowner gift guide! We hope one of these ideas will help you to create the perfect housewarming gift this holiday season for those you love dearly!

Happy shopping!

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