Holiday Hosting 101

Thursday Nov 09th, 2023


When November arrives each year, the holiday spirit begins to fill the air! Snow is falling like a blanket over the fall leaves, Christmas songs are on the radio, and the streets are filled with twinkle lights welcoming the season that is just around the corner. With the holidays fast approaching, comes the time to start planning your fantastic parties! Hosting a memorable and enjoyable gathering for family or friends can be an exciting but sometimes daunting task. But fear not! We've prepared a step-by-step guide filled with helpful tips to ensure that your holiday bash is a fantastic success.

Plan Ahead
The key to hosting a successful holiday party is planning well. Start by setting a date and sending out invitations through text or evite well in advance, giving your guests plenty of time to save the date. Keep track of your RSVPs and what each guest is bringing if asked to help contribute. 

Create a Festive Atmosphere
Set the mood by decorating your space with holiday decor. Set up your Christmas tree and fill it with holiday-themed ornaments. Add twinkle lights around the room as well as garlands and Christmas decor. Candles, scented with warm and festive fragrances, can also add to a cozy ambiance.

Choose a Theme
Consider selecting a theme for your holiday party to add an extra layer of fun. It could be a classic Winter Wonderland, an Ugly Sweater Party, or a Festive Masquerade. Encourage your guests to dress up accordingly to enhance the party atmosphere. Creating a theme will help build anticipation and excitement for the party, prompting the guests to discuss what they plan on wearing. 

Plan a Great Menu
Decide whether you want a formal sit-down dinner, a more casual buffet-style, or bite-sized appetizers and grazing boards for guests to snack on. Choose a menu that suits your guests' dietary preferences and will showcase seasonal flavours. If needed provide a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free options to ensure that everyone can enjoy the food based on the guest's needs. If cooking is not your preference, have the event catered so that it is all taken care of for you.

Signature Drinks
Craft a signature holiday drink to add a special touch to your party. There are many festive options out there to choose from that will taste like Christmas in a cup! Create a sign with a picture and the details of what is in the cocktail for guests to read when they are choosing what they would like to sip on. Don't forget to provide fun non-alcoholic alternatives so that there is something for everyone. 

Create a Playlist
Curate a festive playlist that sets the mood for your holiday party. Include a mix of holiday classics and crowd-pleasing anthems to keep everyone entertained and dancing all night long! We truly believe that the playlist makes the party. 

Prepare Activities and Entertainment
Adding a form of fun or entertainment can be a memorable part of your event that guests will talk about for months to come! This could be setting up a photo booth with props, organizing a gift or cookie exchange, or hosting a holiday-themed trivia game that they can participate in in teams. 

Have Ample Seating and Cozy Spaces
Ensure that you have enough seating for your guests to relax and mingle comfortably. Create cozy spaces with comfortable chairs, cushions, and warm blankets for those who prefer to sit and chat.

Create a Warm Welcome
Greet your guests with a warm smile, a signature drink, or a small party favour to show your appreciation for them joining the festivities. Make them feel special and create a welcoming atmosphere from the moment they arrive. Take their coat and then show them where they can join the party! 

Don't Stress, Delegate!
Don't hesitate to ask for help. As they say, many hands make light work. Enlist the help of your close friends or family members with the preparation and takedown of the holiday party. Encourage your guests to contribute by bringing a dish or a beverage to lighten the load. Guests often ask how they can contribute to the event, so do not feel bad for accepting their assistance! Hosting should be enjoyable for you too!

Capture Memorable Moments
Take time during the party to snap a few candid photos of your guests or designate someone to do so for you who has a good eye. Or simply create a photo booth or backdrop with a camera on a tripod with a timer set up. 
Having these moments to look back on will be a cherished memory for years to come. Share the photos afterward as a memento for your guests.

Take Time to Relax
Hosting a holiday party can be demanding, so make sure to take breaks and enjoy the festivities. Remember, your guests are there to celebrate with you, so savour the moment!

Have Fun and Spread Holiday Cheer
Lastly, the most important tip is to have fun! Although hosting may be stressful, try to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones during this special time of year. By following these helpful tips, you're well on your way to hosting the perfect holiday party. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, your guests will have an amazing time at your holiday bash because you are the hostess with the mostess! 

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