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Home Organization

Tuesday Nov 23rd, 2021


Home Organization

How to stay on top of the chaos

Home. It's the space where we can let go and be at peace after a long day. Our homes should be a source of relief. When you come home and are met with clutter and objects everywhere it can completely change your state of mind. Keeping your home organized will save you time cleaning, reduce your stress when looking for household items, and give you a clearer mind without the clutter all around you. Deciding to organize your home is a big step. It is time-consuming and can be daunting. We have found some simple steps you can take to get your house back. Let's explore them. 

Tips on How to Get Started

  • Most home projects begin similarly. Start by eliminating things that don't serve you anymore. If an object is not donatable or sellable, recycle or trash it. This step is vital because it will make organizing faster and easier.
  • Purchase organizing materials if necessary for the space. These are personal preferences depending on your decor and your budget. Clear bins are a great option because they allow you to see what you have without the need to rifle through bins. Label everything. For each new container you organizeor bin you add to your place, make sure it is clearly labeled to help everyone in your home stay on track. 
  • ​Pair things that are alike together. This applies greatly in closets and the kitchen. Look around your home and gather objects that belong together and store them in the same place. Keep your most used, everyday objects at an accessible-height in all your rooms. ​
  • Home organization is something that needs to be maintained regularly. Taking time in the day to do a quick clean-up in your used spaces will make this transition easier to integrate into your routine.
  • Make it a part of your routine to put objects away when you are finished using them instead of placing them where they land when you are distracted or busy. 
  • As you tackle each room in your home, make a point of putting it on your calendar to ensure you keep up the momentum to finish each room. 

Fast Tips for Each Room in Your Home:

Living Room

  •  Choose or upgrade to a coffee table with built-in storage to store books, the remote, tv cords, etc.
  • Organize your house plants in one space, Add a plant stand or clear a specific shelf for this purpose. 
  • If you are a lover of home decor, consider rotating it. Doing so would help the living room look cleaner with less clutter and give you less to clean and dust. 


  • Tupperware; keep plastic containers organized. You can do this by storing containers and lids attached to each other or by separating them and stacking them with dividers. Tip: Buy clear containers to help keep your fridge organized 
  • Put your most frequently used dishware and cookware at eye level. 
  • Floating shelves are a great addition to a kitchen for extra storage. Display cookbooks, decor, or glassware. 


  • Little closet space? Add affordable underbid storage solutions. This takes up no extra space and is easy to access. 
  • Add a decorative basket to store throw pillows and blankets that are not in use.
  • Upgrade to a nightstand that is compact but offers storage for extra clothes and belongings. 


  • Clear drawer dividers can keep your many toiletries organized. Adding drawer liners can add that extra touch. 
  • Divide your drawers into sections, labeled with themes, for example, "Hair Care", "Makeup", "Skin Care" or, "Bath".  
  • Take advantage of the space you have over your toilet for extra storage. Add shelving, a ladder, or a small cabinet, depending on your personal style. 


  • Use wall storage to your advantage. If you are flooded with paperwork, add clearly labeled and intentional wall storage to keep yourself on track. 
  • Keep a clear desk to keep a clear mind. Too much clutter can distract you from the task at hand. 
  • Try implementing a color-coded filing system. This will help you keep track of paperwork. 

Jean Richer : Ottawa Agent

Organizing your place is a big part of taking care of your home. If you are looking to purchase a new home, or your very first home, reach out to me here on my website. I'd be pleased to answer any of your questions and look forward to hopefully working with you in the future.  


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