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Thursday Nov 17th, 2022


Happy Holidays from the Jean Richer Team!

The snow is falling, the twinkle lights are shining bright and there is joy all around! This is truly the most magical time of year! Soon we will be gathering with our dear friends and families to celebrate the season and enjoy each other's warm company. Our time is spent catching up, indulging in delicious food and participating in a little gift-giving. This holiday season we wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer by giving you a few hosting ideas to try during your annual celebrations and parties. These ideas are sure to make your events memorable and enjoyable for all! Come with us as we dive into fun party themes, decor, recipes and more! 

Gingerbread Meets Cocktails

A beloved holiday memory for many is decorating gingerbread houses with the family. If you have had the opportunity to make gingerbread cookies from scratch in your childhood, you know how amazing the smell of them cooking can be! Let's reminisce on the past now that we are grown up with a little 'decorate and sip party, gingerbread house addition. Spend the evening building and decorating gingerbread houses together to the max! Arrange your decorating table with an array of sweets for your guests to choose from. Include the classics like gumdrops, peppermint swirl candies and M&M's. Add a few new additions like licorice, sprinkles, coconut, miniature cookies and a variety of nuts. Play beloved Christmas songs in the background to set the scene and hang twinkle lights to make the room more magical! When your guests arrive offer them a Christmas-themed cocktail to sip on while they create their gingerbread masterpiece. We recommend trying out this Eggnog Espresso Martini created by Nyssa's Kitchen or this Rosemary Orange Champagne Cocktail by Grow, Forage, Cook, Ferment. Both are perfect winter-themed pairings for the evening! As you can already tell, this won't be your average cookie-decorating party! ​​​​​​

An Evening of Candle Creating

This time of year, we all love to do a little Christmas decorating at home to welcome the season. Holiday decor isn't complete without a few lit candles on a cold winter night! If you are looking for a unique activity to enjoy with your guests this Christmas, host a candle-making party! Making homemade candles is a fun activity to enjoy with others. Your guests get to explore their creative side and learn a new skill at the same time. To prepare to host this party you will need soy wax or beeswax beads, candle wicks, skewers, candle holders and essential oils to add scent. Scents like candy cane, gingerbread, cranberry and citrus are perfect for this time of year! Follow this simple DIY candle-making video created by Boxwood Avenue on YouTube to help teach your guests the simple step-by-step process. After your candles have had time to harden and set guests can decorate the outside of their candle holder with seasonal decor like a sprig of pine, cranberries, dried oranges, twine or ribbon. Once complete these candles would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a loved one in your life!

PJ Brunch-mas 

Breakfast in your pajamas? Yes, please! Get your friends and family together, it's time for a little Christmas brunch. This is going to be the comfiest party of all this holiday season. Invite your guests to arrive at the party in their favourite holiday pj's for a morning full of festive fun! This get-together is going to be a brunch potluck. Ask each of your guests to bring a dish to help make this beautiful meal complete. Once everyone has arrived start your cozy brunch by serving hot chocolates or mimosas! Blow your party guests away by serving a few unique Christmas breakfast dishes, like these Eggnog Waffles by Fresh Coast Eats or these Orange Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls by Elisabeth & Butter. Can you say delish? Spend the morning eating and relaxing by the fire as you enjoy this sweet time together. If you are looking to change up your typical Christmas dinner party, this is the event for you! Soon this may become a new tradition you will enjoy each year with those you love.

​​​​Christmas Classics Costume Party

Dressing up isn't only for Halloween, it's for Christmas too! We have all spent evenings watching the classic Christmas movies we love each time the holiday season rolls around. This year we are changing things up a little. Instead of watching the movie on your sofa, you'll step into it by becoming your favourite character for the night! Invite your guests to go all out this Christmas with their costumes because there will be a contest to pick the winner at the end of the night! It's time to show your creative side, the more homemade the costume, the better! This party calls for a few holiday-themed appetizers like these Cranberry Brie Bites created by The Country Cook, or this Pull-Apart Christmas Tree by Delish. Now that you have a fantastic party theme, there is only one thing left to decide, who will you be?

Secret Socks

This isn't your average secret Santa. This gift exchange is all about socks! Everyone has been gifted socks in their life during Christmas, from when you were a little kid, until now! This year we are making this somewhat typical stocking stuffer into a hilarious party! This is how the exchange is going to work. Randomly assign each person attending the party a friend to buy a pair of socks for, or get them to choose from a hat beforehand. Their job is to find the perfect pair of socks that remind them of their chosen person that is Christmas-themed. Once the party gets underway, have everyone gather around to see what amazing socks they received! At the end of the exchange have your guests vote for the best socks of the night, the guest who bought the socks will be the winner of your chosen prize! Perhaps you are wondering how to decorate for this unconventional party. It's simple, hang socks on clothes pins from twinkle lights around your home! To add a little extra sweetness to the event, create these tasty Sprinkle Stocking Sugar Cookies for your guest designed by Sprinkle Bakes!

Lean into the fun this Christmas and host a party your guest won't soon forget!

From The Jean Richer Real Estate Team to you, we hope you have the most wonderful holiday season, that is filled with love, joy and happiness!

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Merry Christmas Everyone.

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