House Projects To Take On This Winter

Wednesday Jan 11th, 2023


The colder winter months offer something that the other seasons do not, extra free time in our lives. During the late spring and summer, our calendars are filled with plans and trips to ensure that we make the most of the beautiful warm weather while it lasts. However, this time of year on a cold day, we find ourselves inside at home much more with little to fill our schedules. This makes for the perfect opportunity to upgrade our spaces! With less on the go on the weekends and evenings, you will be motivated to complete the projects you start, making them faster and more effective. This is also a great time to find a contractor for bigger projects before they hit the ground running in spring with their busy schedules. Whether your home renovation dreams are big or small, we have a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and to fill that time you finally have to spare to improve your humble abode. 


Create/revamp your laundry room. If you have a laundry room in your home, it may be one of the spaces that hasn't gotten much attention when it comes to design. Create a space that is both functional and pleasing to look at by giving it an upgrade! We suggest adding storage and organizational elements to make doing laundry easier in a more aesthetically pleasing space. 

Try It Out 

  • Install a few upper cabinets above your washer and dryer to store laundry detergent, dryer balls and other household cleaning supplies. 
  • Add a countertop over your washer and dryer to create a folding station in the space. This will make doing laundry much more enjoyable
  • Add a sink in the space for hand washing clothing items when needed, and for easy soaking.
  • Complete the space by adding organizational elements like product dispensers, baskets and bins. Add a few decorative elements to complete the room, like a wallpaper accent wall, a few pieces of wall art, and a few shelves to display pieces you love.


The kitchen is typically the most used space within the average home, which no doubt means it gets a significant amount of wear and tear. It may be time to upgrade a few elements in the space to create a more modern feel. Unlike other rooms, the kitchen is the perfect space to renovate in small steps over time. You can start out with surface-level cosmetic changes on a lower budget, and then switch out elements as you go. 

Try It Out

  • Replace or upgrade your cabinets. If your wooden cabinet doors have great bones, consider painting them and replacing their hardware with something more modern for a new look. 
  • Install new countertops. This change can really transform the appearance of your kitchen and add an instant impact. The style and material are up to you, there are a lot of affordable options out there! 
  • Upgrade your kitchen backsplash. If you have a dated backsplash in your kitchen now is the time to give it a new look! Many modern designs are including slabs of stone as backsplash which is beautiful and it elongates the appearance of the kitchen. 
  • If upgrading the flooring in your kitchen is on your mind, now is the time!  


Do you have a spare room that gets little use in your home, or just collects your household junk? Turn it into something you have always wanted in your space, like a home office, or a workout room! Here are a few more personal suggestions you can create. 

Try It Out

  • Reading Room. If you are an avid reader with a large book collection, why not create a home library? Add a comfy reading chair to relax in, a few bookshelves to display your favourites and a little coffee station to enjoy a hot drink while you read! 
  • Beauty Room. If you are not the proud owner of large closets in your home, you can create a room dedicated for getting ready! There you can store all of your clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. Add custom shelving and organizational solutions to keep your items organized. Make a vanity the star of the show with a lighted mirror, seating and decor to complete the look! 
  • Hobby Room. We all have a hobby or two that we enjoy doing to pass the time and bring us joy. Why not create a room dedicated to that part of your life? Whether it be painting, sewing, gaming, or practicing yoga, create a space with everything you need to enjoy that activity to the fullest! This could be proper lighting, furniture, decor etc. 


Looking for renovation ideas that are a little more cosmetic?

We've got you covered!


Now is the time to update your home's lighting.

  • The dark short days can get us down during the winter months, add new warm lighting to your space to cozy the place up!
  • From ceiling lights to pendant lights, a little change goes a long way! Lighting is becoming more and more important in modern design, it is no longer an afterthought when putting a room together, it is now the star of the show!
  • Find a fixture that best represents the space and makes an impact you will love and that your guests won't stop talking about!


Grab your rollers, it's painting time!

  • Paint is a powerful part of home design. It can change not only the appearance of a room but its size and its warmth as well. A coat of paint can do wonders for any space, helping it to look fresh and new once again!
  • We suggest trying out a few colour swatches to explore how they can transform your space in different forms of light throughout the day. 
  • Although the work involved in properly painting a room may seem to be quite the project, painting your home now in the winter will mean that it will be ready for all of your entertaining to come in the summer!


You may not believe it, but simply rearranging the furniture in your home can completely change a room! Making a few swaps from room to room can create new and exciting design opportunities.

  • Take the time to look at the layout of your space and try out a few configurations to see what feels comfortable and spacious.
  • Shop your home by moving around a few pieces of decor from one space to another to create an updated look.
  • If needed add new elements to your existing decor to bring in warmth and texture through rugs, curtains, throw pillows and art. 


Happy home renovating readers!

If you tackle one of these projects give us a shout-out on social media to show us how you did! 

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