How To Do A Weekly Reset

Friday Oct 28th, 2022


During the week, it can be hard to get house cleaning accomplished. Our days are filled with responsibilities, from work to cooking dinner, picking up the kids and walking the dog, just to name a few. When the weekend arrives, the house can feel like an explosion of misplaced items, laundry and an overall mess. As seen on TikTok recently, many lifestyle creators have started to do weekly resets. This reset concept is a period of time (typically a Sunday morning) where you focus on putting your home back together by cleaning and tidying to prepare for the week ahead. The weekly reset goal is to eliminate the stress of needing to accomplish so many tasks during the week on top of your busy schedule. This structure of bulk cleaning/tidying once a week can help you feel like you are in control of your home again. Now you may be wondering, "what should you focus on when doing your weekly reset?" The order and the overall plan is up to you, but we thought we’d give you a few ideas to get you on your way.

The Process

We like to follow the “pick up, put away, tidy” rule in each room of the home. During the week everything can be misplaced in each room, before cleaning it’s ideal to eliminate clutter from the surfaces first and foremost. This way you have a better idea of what needs to be cleaned in the space when they are gone. It is also ideal to work from top to the bottom in a room. This means starting with dusting a light fixture and ending with vacuuming for example. This order stops dust and dirt from travelling around as you clean. For our example of a weekly reset we are focusing on the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom.


​​​​​​Start your rest in the morning by changing your bedding. The bedroom is the perfect place to begin when your mind has just woken up and you are feeling refreshed. There is something about waking up and making the bed that makes you feel a little proud of yourself. This also gives you the opportunity to pick up clothing on the floor that may have accumulated and start a load of laundry. Give your room a quick dusting if needed and a vacuum throughout the space.


When you begin cleaning your kitchen start by filling your dishwasher with the dirty dishes that are out and then hand wash those that can't be loaded. Wipe down your kitchen countertops/surfaces and your appliances as well A quick once-over on the fridge, oven and microwave will get rid of those famous stainless steel fingerprints! 
Finish off by giving the kitchen a quick vacuum and good mop! If you want to do a little extra, take out the garbage and give your hand towels a wash as well. Remember no room is completely cleaned until you light a candle.


Living room

Let's jump in with a little dusting. Remove your decor on your coffee table and side tables. Give these pieces a wipe down to remove the dust, then whip down the table’s themselves before putting the decor back. Remove your throw pillows and blankets from the couch and set them aside. Give your couch and your accent chairs a good vacuum to get rid of all those late-night crumbs. Arrange your pillows and blankets the way you like them, we love the signature karate chop! End this clean by giving the floor a thorough vacuum.


We are ending this quick weekly reset with a bathroom clean. Once again remove all of your skincare and grooming essentials and set them aside. Hot tip: let your disinfectant sit on your bathroom surfaces for a few minutes to insure you removed all of the bacteria. This is a quick surface clean and tidy. We are focusing on putting items away in drawers and cabinets, whipping down the sink, scrubbing the toilet and cleaning the countertops. Definitely set aside a different time period to do a thorough bathroom cleaning of your shower and tub. End by wiping down your bathroom mirror, vacuuming/mopping, and then putting back all of your personal items. 

Now is the best part! You get to spend the rest of your day taking care of yourself! Do something that makes you happy, go outside, take time to relax and read a book, the day is yours. This is the time you can feel good knowing you made your week to come that much easier.

We hope you enjoyed our take on the weekly reset! Until next time.

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