Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Friday Dec 17th, 2021


Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Take these steps to make sure your house is ready for the season ahead. Ottawa is known for its cold winters, our houses need to be prepared for it, even if we decide to stay inside. 


  • Let's start on the outside, shall we?
  • Make sure all your outdoor furniture is put away safely inside from the elements, to prevent rusting and water damage from the snow. 
  • Store all outdoor tools and gardening materials in your shed or inside your home. 
  • Drain and shut off your outdoor water sources to prevent freezing that can cause damage to the inside of you home. 
  • Remove the leaves, and debris from the gutters of your home. After doing this step add heating cables if necessary, this will prevent freezing and gutter damage. 


  • It's time to prepare the inside of your home. Haul out the thick winter mats you've tucked away, the boot trays, and the winter essentials to make sure you are nice and warm this January. 
  • Stock up on your needed sand or salt for your driveway. Check if you need any shovels or if yours needs replacing. 
  • Make sure to reverse the direction your fans are rotating. For the winter months, they should be clockwise to push heat downward. 
  • Check your home's windows and doors for any escaping air. Add weather stripping or replace damaged caulking if needed. 
  • Ensure your home's smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition and have a full battery. 
  • We know the weather can be unpredictable in the winter months. Stock up on supplies that will get you through a power outage if one is to happen. Store blankets, food, water, flashlights, batteries, anything you might need. 
  • Check your heating systems. Change your furnace air filter if needed. Get your system serviced if neccesary, yearly servicing by a professional is recommended. 

We hope these winter home maintenance ideas will help you prepair for the winter upon us and into the new year!


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