It's Time To Spring Clean!

Tuesday Mar 08th, 2022


Let's Spring Clean!

Although it may not truly feel like it at the moment, spring is on the horizon! We are ready to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine as we watch Ottawa's snow start to melt away. Spring is a season of new beginnings. The plants are growing, our gardens are being prepared and everyone seems to feel uplifted. With the season's pending arrival, the spring cleaning of our homes is high on the agenda of things to accomplish. For those who are lovers of a clean and tidy space, spring cleaning is a fantastic reset. It gives us the opportunity to declutter, organize and clean those hard-to-reach places that sometimes get overlooked during the winter months. However, the appearance of a spring cleaning list can be extremely daunting for some. One thing we all often wish for is more time. You may be thinking, how is one expected to now clean all of these new areas of the home? To help make this task less overwhelming, we have taken our spring cleaning room by room and at our own pace. Use these ideas to help you find your own cleaning priorities and accomplish them on your own timeline. To make things a bit simpler, many recommend doing your regular cleaning a few days before you start your spring cleaning tasks. This ensures the mess doesn't become too much. Let's get into it! 

Let's start off with the 'all-around' items to spring clean in the home. 

  • Dust off all of your ceiling fans, grates, and vents. These accumulate a lot of dust.
  • Wipe down all light fixtures. Ceiling lights/lamps. Then replace light bulbs if needed.
  • Dust blinds on windows, clean glass, and window screens. 
  • Dust and wipe down each room's baseboards and doors. 


Things to dust & wipe down: 

  • Dining table + chairs.
  • Kitchen cabinets, outside + inside (door faces and shelves.)
  • The area above the kitchen cabinets. 
  • The kitchen backsplash.
  • All appliances; Fridge, Oven + Hood Fan, Microwave (don't forget to move your appliances to clean behind them!)
  • Lastly, deep clean the dishwasher and sink.

Living Room

Things to wipe down: 

  • The coffee table, side tables, and media center unit.
  • All bookshelves and decorative items. 

Things to wash:

  • Blankets and throw pillow covers. 
  • Curtains (depending on the fabric.)
  • Vacuum the couch/ accent chairs, ottoman, and area rugs. Depending on the fabric, give each piece of fabric furniture a deep clean with an upholstery cleaner as well.

Bedroom + Closet

Things to wash and tidy:

  • All bedding i.e; mattress cover, duvet, duvet cover, sheets, and decorative pillowcases.
  • Give your mattress a vacuum and a spray with mattress cleaner spray to freshen it up. Then rotate your mattress. 
  • Vacuum under the bed.

Things to organize & declutter: 

  • Before removing seasonal clothes from the closet, go through your items to make sure you are only storing the things you intend to keep. If you haven't worn it this season, sell it or donate it. 
  • Add your winter clothes to storage bins and bring out your spring and summer pieces and add them to the closet. 
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces, shelves, and organizers. 
  • Pair shoes together and organize them as needed.


Things to wash:

  • Shower curtain, bath rugs, and towels. 

Things to declutter:

  • Organize the vanity cabinet
  • Throw away expired products or those you no longer use.
  • Add storage and organization solutions to keep you on track if needed.

Things to deep clean:

  • Cabinet doors and handles.
  • Tackle hard water spots in the shower and on the faucet. 
  • Clean and unclog the shower drain.


Things to store away:

  • Remove winter entryway carpet/rug and winter shoe tray.
  • Remove winter shoes and clothes. This includes all hats, scarves, and mittens you have stored. 
  • Organize and declutter the area. Remove access sweaters and items like backpacks and mail that aren't being used. 
  • If your junk drawer lives here give it a deep clean and organize it accordingly. 

Now you are ready to go off and concur your spring cleaning! We hope these suggestions help you through your cleaning endeavors and you can check this task off your to-do list! 

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