Little Patio? No Problem!

Thursday May 12th, 2022


We Live For A Cozy Patio Moment!

There is something so luxurious about an outdoor patio space. It's a cozy extension of the home. Somewhere you can escape for a little while. On a hot summer day, it's so nice to have a spot to relax, unwind and reconnect with nature around you. We think that everyone should enjoy a little outdoor R&R, no matter the size of your space. If you have a little balcony, a tiny terrace, or a small backyard, these are some ideas you can add to your space to make it both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Let's get into it! 

Make Your Space Work For You

When planning your dream patio, consider first how the space will work for you. Will you use it as a reading nook, a place to dine, or a relaxing escape from the day? This key decision will help you to choose your furniture for the space. A bistro set is a nice option for those who enjoy having dinner and drinks outside together. Whereas a feature chair with a side table would be the perfect setup for the book lover to enjoy a cup of tea. If you love to lounge out we would recommend a sofa set so you can relax with your friends in comfort and style! In a small space sometimes access to seating can be scarce. Add throw cushions on the ground of your patio to add more furniture without sacrificing space! These cushions can be put in storage or tucked under chairs when not in use. You can also consider investing in multi-use furniture that will better accommodate all of your patio needs. This option is great if you work from home or if you want something more specific. A small space can still make an impact, it's just important to consider how much room your space has first!


Make It Private 

Something we all crave in an outdoor space is privacy. No matter where we live, neighbours are all around us. A great way to add separation between one balcony to the next is with outdoor curtains or a privacy screen/panel room divider. If you are a plant lover, add a plant wall between you and your neighbours! Greenery will help liven up the patio space and it's also very convenient. You ultimately can save room on the ground of your patio by having the plants hanging as well. Then you can put on a speaker with your favourite songs and feel at ease in your more private oasis! 

​​​​​​Make It Stylish! 

Bring your personality out in your patio space! This is a great area to add those fun summer colours and patterns. Colour can be added through an outdoor rug, throw pillows, blankets, and table linens. Remember your outdoor living space is an extension of the home, so make it comfortable! Lanterns are a great addition to incorporate shape and some summer whimsy. Lighting is an important addition when it comes to ambiance. Outdoor candles, hanging twinkle lights or a pendant light over the space will make the area calm and cozy. If you have the space, hanging a hammock will open up a spot for some swinging relaxation. The most important part is to decorate in a way that makes you happy!


We hope you can put these small patio ideas to good use this spring and summer as you decorate your space! No matter the size of your patio, you can create something amazing with just a little inspiration! if you found these tips helpful tag us in a post about your new patio space on social media! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook


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