Living For Plants

Tuesday Feb 15th, 2022


Living For Plants

House Plants. They bring life into our homes. Plants help to purify the air around us, boost our mental health and improve our concentration. Their benefits are truly endless. Perhaps you enjoy caring for plants and having them in your home but your thumb isn't green at all? We generally kill our beloved plants because we don't know their needs, we are going to fix that problem today. We listed a group of different plants that are simple to keep alive for those who crave the beauty and healing properties of house plants but can't keep them breathing. These six plants are low maintenance and bounce back from improper living conditions. Find their watering and light source needs to get you started! 

Zanzibar Gem

Zanzibar Gem, also referred to as a ZZ plant for short. This tropical African house plant has a tall stalk with wide, green, glossy leaves growing from it. The ZZ plant is deemed impossible to kill. This plant will thrive in average home temperatures and in dim or indirect light. The ZZ plant is not only a great form of interest in a room but it also reflects light, making it brighten up a space!

Care Tips
Light source: The ZZ plant enjoys indirect sunlight best.
Watering: Water your ZZ once or twice a month depending on how quickly the soil dries out completely. 

Snake Plant

The beautiful Snake Plant! The Snake Plant is a very popular choice in plant owners' households. This plant has tall, thick, green stalks and varies in hues of yellows and greens. The Snake Plant is unique because it releases oxygen at night helping you to sleep! Making it the perfect addition to your bedroom decor! 

Care Tips
Light source: The Snake Plant thrives in all types of light from bright light to dim light, put it anywhere! 
Watering: Give your Snake Plant a big drink of water until it drains out the bottom of the pot every 2-3 weeks.  

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily. These popular house plants come in many different colours and sizes. This is a plant that loves water and humidity, as it was derived from the rainforest originally. The Peace Lily will help keep you feeling healthy as you work from home beside it as it purifies the air around you. 

Care Tips
Light source: The Peace Lily loves bright indirect sunlight for optimal growth
Watering: Water your Peace Lily weekly. When the plant's leaves begin dropping it is time for a drink!

Devil's Ivy

Devil's Ivy, also referred to as Pothos. This one's a climber! Devil's Ivy is known for air purifying, easy propagation, and climbing the walls! This evergreen plant has heart-shaped, wax-like leaves. Devil's Ivy owners place this plant in a hanging pot to allow the leaves to hang like vines. Create your own personal jungle!

Care Tips
Light source: Devil's Ivy prefers indirect sunlight light most
Watering: Water your Devil's Ivy every 1-2 weeks after its soil has fully dried

Rubber Plant 


The Rubber Plant. This attractive plant has large, wide leaves varying in colour and shape. Get ready for them to sore! The amazing Rubber Plant can grow up to six to ten feet tall inside!  If you experience any sensitivity to plants the Rubber Plant might be the one for you. It doesn't produce pollen so it is less likely to irritate allergies. 

Care Tips:
Light Source: The Rubber Plants enjoy bright indirect sunlight but can withstand direct light as well.
Watering: Water your Rubber Plant weekly or bi-weekly depending on the dryness of the soil.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant. This perennial loves to expand its green leaves in warm temperatures. It is said that the spider plant can stretch 12-18 inches! A unique aspect of the Spider Plant is that it will tell you when it needs to be watered. The leaves will lighten in colour! The Spider Plant loves humidity. Make sure its pot has good drainage and use a humidifier to boost growth. This plant will grow white flowers in the warmer months, and it is ideal for propagating new growth!

Care Tips
Light Source: The Spider Plant thrives in indirect light conditions
Watering: Water your Spider Plant once a week if needed. 


There we have it! Six plants to add to your home that will thrive and that you can keep alive! We hope you enjoyed these suggestions and find the plant that's right for you! Reach out to show us your favorite plant or one of these gems that you added to your home on social media! We would love to hear from you! 


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