Luxury Living For Less

Friday Aug 12th, 2022


If you are a lover of home design, no doubt you have spent time flipping through the pages of home magazines. There is something so inviting about how the spaces are styled with a balance of luxury and visual interest. It makes us fantasize about how we would style our dream home if money were no object. It makes us wonder, how can I give my home a similar look and feel to those in the magazines? Budget luxury is attainable! Today we have brought you a few ways that you can live lavishly without leaving your wallet empty. 

That Custom Feel

  • Are you a DIY dreamer? The best way to find unique pieces for your home is by making them yourself! We live in the golden age of the internet. There are so many creators out there sharing how they make the most beautiful pieces! You can thrift these finds from a local shop or purchase a lower-end piece of furniture from a big box store and revamp it into something custom! Many creators actually find pieces of furniture on the side of the road, and with a little elbow grease, turn them into stunning works of art! You can also flip a piece of furniture you already have, by reupholstering it, like an accent chair for example. There are ways to even make an upholstered chair appear to have a leather finish! 

  • What screams luxury in space is large furniture. If you are in the market for a few new furnishings we suggest going bigger. Many small pieces in a space can cheapen the look of a room. By going for more cumbersome quality pieces, you make them the star of the space and the focal point when you enter. 
  • When it comes to the colour of the furniture, neutrals are best. They allow you the opportunity to style the space in any way you wish. Adding colourful accents and decor that you can change up from time to time. Natural hues from nature really elevate the look of a space and mimic the well-put-together homes we admire designed by professionals. 
  • One thing to stay away from when it comes to purchasing furniture is matching sets of any kind. In department stores, you often see bedroom sets with matching bedframes, nightstands, dressers and mirrors or coffee tables with matching side tables. These sets today make a room look dated and not well designed. Go for more neutral pieces, these will help a room to look more individually curated to your taste and give a more chic look.  

Big and Bold

  • When you think about an elegant home, you can envision the large-scale artwork on display! When decorating your walls, choose large art that fills the wall space it's placed on over a smaller piece. As we know artwork can be very expensive, but this is something you can DIY yourself!  Sometimes it's the most simplistic pieces that make for a beautiful conversation piece. 
  • If art isn't your thing opt for a large-scale gallery wall with framed symmetric photos. Choose a similar colour scheme for the group of photos to help them look uniform. If you've had a family photo session recently these would be the perfect option to add in! We suggest using mats in your flames for that added cohesive look. 
  • Statement lighting is always a good idea. There is nothing truly like entering a room when your eye is drawn upward to see a beautiful pendant light. Today there are so many great options out there to show off your personal style and create heightened visual interest in a space. A statement light also has the power to make a room look more spacious and not to mention, put together! 
  • Have fun with floral's and greenery. Some say a house doesn't feel like a home without plants. We have to agree! There is something about adding a large plant to a room that really makes it look complete. There are many options to choose from out there from tall thinner plants that draw your eye up, like the Ficus Audrey, or plants that take up space like the Monstera! Adding plants will breathe life into your home and bring the feeling of the outdoors in!


  • Don't forget about the flowers! Exaggerated floral arrangements are the height of luxury. Lucky for us, they don't have to be expensive! Drying flowers is a great way to create large eye-catching arrangements that won't die on you! Do your research to see what types of flowers are perfect for drying to avoid the trial and error process. We recommend globe thistle, dragons breath, globe amaranth and strawflower! When in doubt, head to your backyard and do a little scavenging! Big branches with greenery look great in a vase! 

Soft Textures and Layering

  • We are lovers of layers! Adding a few extra throw pillows and blankets can dress up a couch or a bed in no time! When we think about a well-put-together space, layering is always involved. Choose different fabrics, textures and sizes in pillows and throws, and play with their placement and positioning to get that right fit. 
  • This additionally alines well with rugs in a room. Adding a small rug on top of a large rug warms up a space. While layering, this is a great time to add a bit of pattern and colour to an area of the home. Depending on your style, you can go bold with pattern and design or keep things muted in earth tones. You can add texture and intrigue to a space with wallpaper as well. An attractive large-scale patterned wallpaper on an accent wall can speak volumes and gives off that sophisticated look. 

  • When we envision an expensive modern home, we see nature. Natural materials are being used more and more throughout interior design. These raw finishes such as stone and wood are really being sought after. You can decorate with these textures and materials in a smaller scale way, through decor accents, like bowls, vases and busts. The best way to find unique pieces like these at a good price is to shop vintage or second-hand.

A Little Addition Goes a Long Way

To conclude we have some simple swaps that you can make to add that luxury feel to share with you!

  • Match the hardware in your home. This means from the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom vanity. This is a swap you can make over time and slowly. Having cohesive finishes is a solid way to make your home look put together in a uniform way. You can also change up the legs of your furniture in a similar way to give them an upgrade! 

  • Adding picture lighting can make your home feel like a gallery! This small addition can be put on top of bookshelves, framed photos and large pieces of art. The lighting really gives off an elegant warm glow to the space and upgrades your walls in a flash! 
  • Long mirrors make a room feel brighter and larger. Adding natural light to a space helps it feel more inviting. As we know mirrors are great at bouncing light around a room and expanding the appearance of the square footage. Mirrors can quickly elevate a bedroom when placed behind nightstands. This draws the eye up and makes the furniture look larger. You also can't go wrong with adding a mirror to a chest of drawers in the hallway or entryway of the home! mirrors are very powerful in design!

There you have it, folks! Luxury ideas you can implement and enjoy today on a budget! We hope you enjoyed our home design blog, please feel free to share it with others, we all deserve a little luxury from time to time, especially at home! 

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