Make Your Home’s Entry Functional

Friday Oct 28th, 2022


Is your entryway feeling a little, chaotic?

The entrance of the home is often an overlooked space when it comes to design. When in reality, this is the part of the home that needs the most attention. The entry is where we begin our days and also end them. Not to mention coming and going in between. This area needs to be functional for everyday use. We sit here to put on our shoes, we give ourselves a last-minute look before heading out the door, and we leave our essentials here so we don't forget them. The big question is, how do we make this space both pleasing to the eye and practical? Let's give the entry the attention it deserves today while we jump right into answering this design question in a few steps.

Out Of Sight

Do you have this problem? Every time your family, or yourself comes inside, shoes are left on the floor. Sometimes there just needs to be an attractive way to hide them from plain sight.

  • A cabinet is a great piece to add to an entryway because they are multipurpose. You can store your shoes inside and use the top to add to your home decor, creating a statement piece when you walk in.
  • Alternatively, if you do not have room for that, a slim console table with a few wicker baskets added underneath will do just the trick. It’s ideal to find baskets that have a lid so that you can hide the contents, like your sneakers at a moment's notice. An entry looks more put together when shoes are out of sight. This change will be more attainable if each member keeps their shoes in this area to three pairs each.
  • If you have extra space in your cabinet, consider adding a section inside to store your winter essentials, hats, mittens, scarves etc, or even your dogs' items like their leach and jackets.


Entryways can be filled with items from our days, outerwear, purses, backpacks, mail and grocery bags. The best way to combat this situation is to have designated areas for each item. Adding organizational solutions to your closet is your best bet!

  • Putting a shelf inside the closet above your coat rack will give you space to add baskets or boxes. It’s important to label these items for easy access and entry cleanup.
  • S hooks are a great addition to the closet, perfect for hanging bags, hats and scarves, and more bulky items.
  • If your home doesn’t have an entryway closet, add hooks to the wall for jackets and bags to be stored off the floor. 
  • Seating in an entryway is a must. Adding a bench to the space will give you the opportunity to add extra storage underneath it. Some ottomans come with built-in storage, this is a great option as well. When space is not on your side, add a small chair if needed.

The Little Things

Each entry should have a catch-all area. This is a designated space to place your keys, mail, sunglasses, lip chap etc. Choosing how to style your catch-all is ultimately up to your preference. 

  • Use a top drawer of your console table, to keep these items out of sight.
  • Style a decorative bowl on your entryway shelf or on top of your cabinet.
  • Even hang up a few hooks or a small shelf for keys and items you need to grab on the go.


We are finishing off this mini project by adding a mirror on the wall for those last-minute touch-ups. A few art prints or photos of your choice and decor accents to personalize the space. Lastly a bit of texture and warmth with a few decorative pillows and an entryway rug in front of the door. If you transformed your entryway with these ideas we would love to see it! Post it on Instagram and tag us @JeanRicher

Thanks for joining us on this design adventure! 

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