New Hobbies To Take Up In 2024

Wednesday Dec 20th, 2023


Discover a new love in 2024. A hobby you haven't tried before! 

Having hobbies as an adult is a big part of your personal identity. The things that you enjoy spending your time doing make you unique and contribute to your sense of self. Though the routines of everyday life can make it difficult to pursue new endeavours, these are a few reasons why you should make the effort. Hobbies boost your mental health by acting as stress relief and they release endorphins in your body which helps to make you feel happy. Engaging in hobbies brings joy into your life and helps you to express creativity. This in turn elevates your productivity and ability to focus in other areas of life. In this blog post, we are sharing 10 different hobbies that you can try this winter to bring a sense of fulfillment into your routine and help you invest in yourself throughout the months to come. 

Making memories comes naturally to us. When moments arise that we'd like to capture we are quick to take out our phones and snap a photo or two to commemorate a special occasion. At times our memories can stay stagnant there, in our camera roll, and often we don't take the time to look back on them. Scrapbooking allows you to honour memories by compiling them into a book that you can take out and admire whenever you like. Additions like polaroids, tickets, notes, or objects can add dimension to a page as well as make the moment feel whole and nostalgic as you reminisce. This hobby is a great skill to pick up for personal gift-giving in the form of books and handmade cards that others will cherish with your personal touch. 

Plant Care
If you are a plant owner, you have most likely struggled with trial and error when it comes to their care. Each plant has specific needs when it comes to the type of light, water, temperature, moisture level and soil that they require to thrive in your environment. With plant care as your hobby, you will be moved to do research and understand the science behind their growth and this will in turn help your house plants reach their full potential in your space. You can look forward to healthier houseplants and rarely be stumped about what to do when problems arise. Before long, you'll be known as the plant guru to your friends when they say "Why is my plant dying!" 

Create Art 
Art is good for the soul. Artistic expression is a form of stress release that can put thoughts of anxiety at bay and fill them with creative positivity. You may be thinking, but I'm not an artist. You don't have to be! There are many different forms of painting, drawing and creating you can try within any skill level and with different mediums. Painting by number is a great place to start, and you know that what you design will be beautiful in the end. Explore sketching with a simple pencil, watercolour shapes and designs, or even abstract acrylic creations. The choice is yours and the outcome is up to you. Know that there is no pressure to display it on the wall in your home, it can be a hobby that you keep to yourself that helps to stimulate your brain and escape your everyday.


Making handmade pottery is the ultimate hands-on experience. It allows you to create something unique each time you are at the potter's wheel by shaping clay into your desired design. This hobby will involve all of your senses and concentration which is a fun and exciting escape from your everyday grind. You will feel so accomplished after you complete your first piece of art, even if it turns out differently than you expected. As you continue to hone your new craft through trial and error you can make so many unique pieces that have your personal stamp. 

If you truly appreciate trying new, unique cocktails on a night out with your friends, this hobby could be for you! Become an at-home cocktail creator by taking up mixology. The art of mixology allows you to expand your creative mind by experimenting with different flavours, ingredients, and techniques. As you learn, you'll delve into the world of spirit, and liquor combinations, this knowledge can enhance your appreciation for the craft and expand your palate. It lets you express your unique taste and style through the creation of cocktails. By taking up mixology as a hobby you will be able to wow your friends with new cocktail recipes they can enjoy while you entertain and host parties and get-togethers. 

Flower Arranging 
There is something so beautiful about a well-arranged bouquet. Each season we are delighted with the colours and textures displayed in floral arrangments while we shop, and it is such a treat to receive a bouquet or gift one for a loved one. Taking up flower arranging as a hobby brings you up close and personal with nature, while at the same time getting your creative juices flowing and helping you show off your artistic flair. You have the opportunity to experiment with different colours, shapes, and textures, as well as learn about different types of flowers, their care, and the principles of design. Having this skill allows you to decorate your home with fresh flowers that are personalized each season in an array of displays. Lastly, you can also use your creations as thoughtful and personalized gifts for friends and family. It would be so touching to be given a floral arrangement made by hand and from the heart.

Sometimes all we need is a little dance break. When life has got you down, movement is a very powerful way of releasing what you feel, why not try learning a style of dance to channel your thoughts through choreography? Choreography is another hobby that takes its roots in self-expression, and art. It gets your body moving through coordination and endurance, making it a great form of exercise. Choreography also contributes to personal growth, emotional well-being, and a deeper sense of self. You have the freedom to experiment with different movements, styles, tempos, and music, allowing you to find what you love best. You can learn choreography in the comfort of your home where you are free to explore and make mistakes, or you can join a class of beginners and gain encouragement from others in a group setting. 

Learning how to crochet is a relaxing hobby with lots of added benefits! This is the type of activity where you are being productive, but you can also unwind by sitting in a comfortable chair and watching a little TV! Crocheting is known to have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety while you work. It allows you to tap into your creative side and express yourself through the choice of patterns, colours, and yarns. You can create truly unique and personalized items, that reflect your own style and imagination. You can make blankets, plush toys, clothing, accessories, home decor and much more with this skill! Seeing that you designed something beautiful and functional with your hands can boost your self-esteem and confidence time and time again. 

Nature Photography 
Get up close and personal with nature by taking up photography this season. This hobby will help you stay present in the moment while you capture beautiful shots of landscapes and animals as you explore the outdoors. Your appreciation for nature will grow as you take an inside look into the lives of animals and plants while you venture around different hiking trails and landscapes looking for the perfect shot. Spending time in nature and focusing on photography can become a form of therapy, that can reduce tension in the body. You can pick up this skill at home by watching videos online, or by reading books that will teach you tips and tricks to start your nature photography journey and produce some amazing photos you'll be excited to share! 

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