Ottawa Summer Thrills

Monday Jul 11th, 2022


Take your summer to the next level!

Summer is all about fun experiences. It's the time new memories are created, that you look back on fondly in life. Summer is about connecting with family and friends, spending quality time together, vacationing and relaxing outdoors. In this new season, why not step outside of your comfort zone and try something new? We have found some of Ottawa's fun-filled adventures that you can enjoy this season perfect for the whole family! Let's jump into these local thrills so you can take summer 2022 to the max!  


Explore a White Water Rafting Adventure!

Ottawa is a popular location for white water rafting in Canada!

Thanks to our beautiful Ottawa river, there are many different destinations and opportunities to explore this wild sport! Although it may seem daunting, all skill levels can enjoy white water rafting with the help and support of local experts! They are ready to take this new and exciting journey with you. Here are some great options to check out this summer if white water rafting is on your bucket list! Included below are the locations, prices and some inclusions the businesses provide, please visit the appropriate website for more individual information. 

Ottawa City Rafting

  • Location: 102 Greenview Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 5Z6
  • Price: $450 per boat, four people included, plus $70 per additional person, max 9 people 
  • Time: 3 Hours 

Wilderness Tours 

  • Location: 1260 Grants Settlement Rd
  • Foresters Falls, ON, Canada
  • (1.5 hours outside Ottawa)
  • Price: $139 per person (weekday)
  • Time: 3-4 Hours 
  • Age: 13+

Rafting Momentum 

  • Location: 1041 Rd 148, Bryson, Quebec J0X 1H0, CP 39
  • (1.5 hours outside Ottawa)
  • Family Day Package (many inclusions) 
  • Price: By age 12 $79, 13-17 $94, 18+ $114
  • Time: Full Day Rafting excursion + Over Night Camping (plus meals) 

Owl Rafting 

  • Location: 40 OWL Lane, Foresters Falls, Ontario, Canada K0J 1V0
  • (1.5 hours outside Ottawa)
  • Price: Adult $320-$350 Child $288-$315
  • Time: 3 days + 2-night stay at the Owl Resort, 2 rafting excursions 


Zipline Through The Skies! 

Our city is home to many natural scenic views.

Ziplining is a thrilling way to take in the sights that make Ottawa special. From the mountains in neighbouring Quebec to the waterfalls and lush local forests, there is something beautiful to see from high heights all over! Strap in and swing your heart out during this speedy adventure, you are sure to feel lighter then life!

Enjoy a day trip to experience adventurous zip-lining at Arbraska. Get closer to nature while you travel through the forest, over mountains and water at the spacious and beautiful park this summer. This is a great way to spend the weekend. Consider it a mini getaway with your friends! 


  • Location: 255 Rte Principale, Val-des-Monts, QC J8N 4B7
  • (30m Outside Ottawa)
  • Experience: Ziptour
  • Price: $55 plus tax
  • Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Age: 14+

Your next stop is Camp Fortune! The adventures just keep coming! Camp Fortune's course incorporates three zipline rides over Gatineau Park that span 4,478 ft! Zipline side by side with your partner and take in the atmosphere and picturesque views of the below grounds as you fly over them with glee!

Camp Fortune

  • Location: 300 chemin Dunlop Chelsea, QC
  • J9B 2N3
  • (40m Outside Ottawa)
  • Experience: Peak to Peak Ziplines (Coming Sept 2022)
  • Price: Ranging From $79-$89
  • Time: 1.5 Hours


Paddle Board Your Way Through Ottawa! 

Paddle boarding is another fantastic way to spend the summer on the water!

Try the popular sport close to home with a rental on the next hot day your free this season. Did you know, paddle boarding has many health benefits in addition to being really fun? It is a full body workout, you are boosting your vitamin D, and it relieves stress, which is something we can all benefit from, from time to time. Throw on your bathing suit and sunscreen and enjoy the time spent on the water. Here are some great rental locations around the city where you can get out and enjoy the Ottawa sunshine to the fullest!

SUP Adventures 

  • Location: 846 Borthwick Ave, Ottawa, ON K1K 2M8
  • Price: $20 
  • Time: $20 for 1 Hour on weekdays, $25 for 2 hours

Dow’s Lake Pavilion

  • Location: 1001 Queen Elizabeth Driveway
  • Price: $19
  • Time: 1 Hour, $12 for each additional hour after

Ottawa Marina East

  • Location: 1009 Trim Rd, Orléans, ON K4A 3P4
  • Price: $20
  • Time: 1 Hour

Expéditions Wakefield

  • Location: 721 Chem. Riverside, Wakefield, QC J0X 3G0
  • Price: $35
  • Time: 1 Hour

Petawawa Point Park

  • Location: 1111 Victoria Street, Petawawa, ON, K8H 2E6
  • Price: $7.50
  • Time: 1 Hour

Team Jean Richer hopes you get to experience some adventurous fun while the season lasts! Summer in Ottawa is a blast, especially with family and friends to spend it with! 

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Have the best adventures! 

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