Patio Styling Ideas

Thursday Mar 30th, 2023


Outdoor living is a luxury that we get to indulge in each spring and summer here in beautiful Ottawa.  This time of year we find ourselves dreaming about sitting outside on a warm day, enjoying the sunshine with a cool drink in our hands. To help our visions of relaxation and tranquillity become a reality, let's talk about creating the ideal patio that will become a stylish extension of your home. Our primary goal is to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for entertaining or simply lounging. In this blog, we'll discuss some tips and ideas for styling your outdoor patio and transforming it into a beautiful and functional space.

Let's begin by planning the layout for our space.

Consider the size of the environment and the activities you plan to do there, such as dining as a family or kicking back and relaxing. With your needs in mind, you can make a plan for a layout that promotes easy movement and socializing.

Let's go shopping!

Choose outdoor furniture that is comfortable, stylish and suitable for the number of people using it. As you browse around and try furniture out, look for materials like wicker, metal, and wood that are durable and weather-resistant for easy care. Since we are starting this patio project from scratch, you can choose the perfect style and colour scheme options that you love and that match your personal aesthetic. 

It's time to add a little style!

Incorporating a little colour and texture into the patio will liven the space up! Add playful cushions, throws, and outdoor rugs to bring warmth and visual interest to the space. Accessorize the patio with decorative ceramics, trays, wicker baskets and candles. These personal touches will mirror your style and personality, so choose what you love! 

Light up the night!

Lighting is an important part of setting the mood and creating ambiance in a patio space. Hanging string lights, and lanterns, and adding candles can illuminate the patio and create a cozy atmosphere for long outdoor chats with friends while you roast marshmallows. 

Green gardens.

Plants can bring life to any outdoor space. Whether you enjoy cultivating a vegetable or flower garden or just caring for a few potted plants! Choose greenery that suits your lifestyle and the space that you have. These plants will create a lively environment that will be enjoyable to spend time in. 

Turning down the heat.

While enjoying the sun is great, sometimes you need to escape the heat. Consider adding a shade solution to your patio such as an umbrella or pergola. This will help you to spend more time outdoors knowing that you can stay covered from the sun when necessary. 

There you have it, six core ways that you can create an outdoor living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 
The key is to create an environment that suits your lifestyle and personal style. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can transform your outdoor patio into a beautiful and comfortable space that you'll love spending time in all spring and summer long! 

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