Tips When Showing Your Home

Wednesday Dec 15th, 2021


Tips When Showing Your Home


You have taken a very exciting step towards selling your home with Jean Richer by putting your house on the market! It's time to have potential buyers come into your home so we can have it sold in no time. 
I wanted to share some showing tips to ensure that you are prepared during this next process. 

An important thing to consider is that the first 15 seconds are the most important part of your showing. As soon as the buyer gets out of the car and takes a look at your home is where the first impression begins. Having that in mind, the exterior of the home should be clean and appealing. In the summer months, your yard must be well kept, the grass is mowed and the plants are taken care of. In the winter, make sure the pathways to your door are shoveled and your entrance is clear. 

Organized your entryway 
The buyer's next impression of your home will happen when they enter. It is important to put away all personal items in the entryway, such as jackets, shoes and bags. This area should be kept clear and tidy to allow the buyer to see the space without clutter. This includes cleaning the closets and keeping things organized. 

Clean your home
Keep your home clean for the showing. If possible, open the windows to let in some fresh air beforehand. Open the curtains and blinds to let in natural light so the space is bright. Make sure to take out the garbage, we want the house to have a pleasant smell. Every area should be clean and tidy. Move access clutter and personal things from each room. This includes family photos, personal care products, paperwork, toys, etc. Any clutter that could distract the buyer from the great aspects of your beautiful home. The purpose of this step is to help the buyer imagine themselves living there. This could be their new home, we want them to get that feeling as they walkthrough. 

Leave your home
It is important to not be at home during the showing. Realtors understand this part of the showing process can be difficult, especially if you have children and pets. However, it is essential. This time in private allows the potential buyer to speak freely with their agent about their likes and dislikes as they view the space. It can be quite awkward to explain your true feelings if the owner can hear you in the other room. Before you go, make sure all the lights are on in your home. This is beneficial to the buyer and the realtor. 

Following these steps will help you and your family to have successful showings to sell your home! If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to me or my team at we would love to help. 

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