Budget Home Makeover

Friday Dec 17th, 2021


Give your Home a Makeover on a Budget

Ready to give your home a little needed love? We have found some great ways to spruce up your home on a budget, giving it a more elegant and fresh feel!


You can't go wrong with a new coat of paint in a room that needs a change. Adding an accent wall will add a pop that your eye will be drawn to in the space. Perhaps create a unique patterned wallpaper effect with paint to this accent wall. If this isn't for you, purchase a stencil and create your custom wallpaper that way. 

There are many peal and stick wallpaper options to choose from if painting is not for you. You can add dimension with shapes, by putting up an arched shape wallpaper decal for example. 

Add frames to the walls. You can purchase new or vintage frames from your local second-hand shop. If this is out of your budget you can use spray paint to give your old frames a new look. 

Kitchen and Bathroom 

Change the door handles in your home and give the doors a fresh coat of paint. This step will instantly make each door in your house look upgraded. 

Add contact paper to your laminate countertop. There are so many affordable options online for this upgrade. This DIY is perfect for a bathroom in a smaller space that needs a quick change. 

You can paint your granite countertops in your kitchen. Purchase a kit from your local hardware store for this idea in your desired colour. Many people do this project in white and add a marble effect with grey paint on top. 

Add new hardware to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. If you buy in bulk this upgrade can be very affordable, it will add instant value to the space.  

If you have a kitchen with access cupboard space, consider replacing a few of them with floating shelves. This change will open up the kitchen, making it feel larger and more modern. This is the perfect spot to add decorative elements, cookbooks, or your favourite glassware. 


Update your home's lighting. This can be as simple as replacing your lampshades with a more stylish option. Add a new hanging light over your dining room table with a shade or a fancy basket. There are many DIY videos on how to make your own without an electrical box. 

Move furniture and decor elements from room to room. Add a change by using this easy hack. Whether it be art, decorative pieces, or furniture, move them to create a new look in your space. 

Head to your local second-hand store to find vintage furniture. Give an old piece with character a new life with a little elbow grease. If you find new dining chairs for example, give them a sand and a coat of chalk paint in your desired colour. New for cheap! 

Need new throw pillows? Purchase affordable covers or make your own. If you are handy with a sewing machine, this is the perfect way to get one-of-a-kind decor. 

Use older paint that no longer has a use, to paint something new. Whether it be a door in your home, an artistic shape on the wall in the hallway, or a piece of furniture. You can recreate something new and unique for nothing!

We hope you loved these budget friendly home additions as much as we do! Happy Decorating Everyone! 

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