Staying Well This Fall

Monday Sep 19th, 2022


The Autumn Transition

Summer, a time of year we all hold dear to our hearts. The warm weather takes us outside to enjoy time spent under the sun, relaxing on vacation and making the most of our days while the season lasts. As we transition into autumn here in Ottawa, we naturally fall back into our routines. Whether going back to work, back to school or adjusting our lifestyle, fall feels like the year is starting and we are getting back on track. This change in routine however can take a toll on our wellness track. As the weather turns colder, flu season sets in, and our bodies are on high alert. During this change in the season, it's important to prioritize our health now more than ever. Today we are bringing you ways to stay well this fall and to make sure you are living your most healthy life so this autumn can be filled with the festive fun we all love to participate in. 

ONEImmunity Blasters 

The simplest way to stay well this fall is with a healthy immune system! Our immune system is our body's first defence against bacteria and viruses, making it a key part of our fall wellness journey. We can help our immune system to stay strong by implementing a daily routine in our lives through these five essential ways.

Rest Your Mind And Your Body


  • It is extremely valuable to prioritize your sleep. It is recommended that adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. During the summer our sleeping patterns may have taken a backseat. We may have been enjoying the weather, out traveling or spending our evenings with friends. Now that we are returning to our routines, it's important to get to sleep earlier to maximize rest. This can mean establishing a regular sleeping time and wake-up time for ourselves. It can also be helpful to prepare for the coming daylight savings time change this season. We know the days will be getting shorter, so it's important to get our needed rest now. A healthy amount of sleep can boost your energy levels and help to foster strong emotional health as well. Sleep is, however, not the only form of rest you need in your routine. We also need to rest our minds. This can be achieved by doing leisure activities that bring you joy, spending time in nature or listening to your favourite music to name a few. Take time for yourself to rest at the end of each day to keep your mind at peace. 

Eat Your Fruit & Veggies 


  • We all know that a healthy diet is a big part of our overall wellness. Food is fuel, it's what keeps us going throughout the day so we want to make sure we are giving our bodies the nutrition it needs to concur it. Eating seasonally is ideal! Fruits and vegetables are at their peak nutritional value when they ate during their harvest season, this means our bodies will take the most benefit from them. Lucky for us fall offers so many delicious options to choose from this time of year, from pumpkins and squash to eggplant, leeks, kale and carrots, plus many more! It's stew, chili and soup season, the most comforting ways to get those veggies into meals! 


Hydrate To The Max


  • Drink your water! It sounds simple enough but it is common to forget to drink water regularly. If you struggle with your water intake there are a few ways to help! Invest in a motivational hourly water bottle. These bottles let you know how much water you should be drinking throughout the day to help keep you on track. You can start your day with a glass of water as well, or plan to have a glass of water before each meal. Lastly, keep track of your water intake by journaling or by setting alarms to remind yourself to go take that water break! Did you know drinking water regularly helps boost your mood, heightens your immunity to illnesses and can even benefit your sleep? Wow!


Work It Out 


  • Sometimes it's hard to get motivated to exercise when the seasons change. During the summer there are so many fun ways to get your body moving! From kayaking to paddle boarding, swimming, beach volleyball and much much more! However, fall comes with its own fun ways to get your heart rate up. Enjoy going for a scenic hike under the changing trees, biking on your favourite trails, pumpkin picking at a nearby patch, or getting a group together to play football! Get outside and enjoy the weather while it's above zero! 


Vitamins Are Your Friend 


  • Including vitamins in your daily routine is a great way to give your body the essential nutrients it desires. What vitamins should you reach for this fall? We recommend both vitamin C and D. Vitamin C is perfect for healing the body. That is why it's highly recommended to fight off illness. It targets healthy bones, muscles and teeth! While vitamin D is also great for your bones, it has many other benefits as well! As summer fades we are spending more time in our homes, and less time outside. Vitamin D is naturally produced in our bodies through the sun, so it helps to supplement what we are now lacking by taking vitamin D in pill form now. Vitamin D has the power to boost your mood and your overall energy levels as well! 


TWO: Stress Detox


  • September can at times be a month of stress. Changes in our routines can throw off our days and keep tempers high. Previously above, we discussed the importance of rest in our lives. Optimizing our body's needs is vital for our well-being. Sometimes a good night's rest isn't enough, we need to also focus on our mental health. It's important to evaluate our stress levels from time to time. Ask yourself, do I need support in my day-to-day activities? Can I delegate some tasks to others? Am I being gentle with myself and my feelings? Make time to reflect on your happiness and prioritize ways to promote relaxation and awareness in your daily life. Can you make time for deep breathing exercises or meditation? Moving the body is also a great way to release tension. Could you practice yoga, go on a mindful walk, or spend time connecting with your body in nature? It can be as simple as turning off your phone, unplugging and picking up a book, whatever works for you to focus on protecting the peace within your mind.


THREE: Fresh And Clean 


  • Living in a clean and tidy space is an important part of staying healthy this fall. We all do our regular weekly cleaning in our homes, but it's vital to additionally disinfect the high-traffic areas. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most used rooms in the house. Regular disinfecting will eliminate the number of gems on general surfaces. During flu season it's also a good idea to disinfect light switches and door knobs, as these are often touched and can spread germs among family members. Our electronics also need a thorough cleaning from time to time, our phones, laptops, iPads, tv remotes etc. Living in a clean home will help you and your family to keep illness at bay and allow you to enjoy the fall season to the fullest! If you found these tips helpful please send this blog to a friend to spread the fall wellness love around! We wish you and your family the best autumn because as they say, the best is yet to come! 

-Your's, The Jean Richer Team

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