Styling A Bar Cart

Thursday Dec 15th, 2022


There is something so sophisticated about adding a bar cart to your living room. They are beautiful to look at and they offer infinite styling opportunities. Decorating a bar cart seems generally simple, you can envision yourself adding bottles of alcohol, glassware, and bar accessories to its shelves. However, the bar carts that are catching our eye in today’s home design trends are the ones that push the boundaries between practicality and whimsy. It is the unconventional pieces on a bar cart that add visual interest to a space and have us saying “I want that”. Just like an empty floating shelf, a bar cart can blend into your existing decor with more muted styling choices or it can be made to stand out with a little imagination. If you are not sure where to start, we have broken down some styling suggestions into two categories, practical and decorative. We hope you find the chance to add a few of these suggestions to your existing bar cart! 



If you are an entertainer or a lover of simplicity, you may want to keep your bar cart on the minimal side when it comes to decor. You see the cart as functional and plan on using it regularly and are only interested in the essentials. These are a few of the items you will need to make your cart complete.

Bottles and Glassware

  • Nothing says fancy quite like glass decanters. Adding a few filled with your favourite scotch or whiskey will help your cart look chic instantly! 
  • Include your favourite liqueurs and mixers in your cart. If you are a fan of wine, adding a small wine rack to the bottom shelf is a great option. 
  • Putting your glassware or your bottles on a small turn table allows you to find what you are looking for with ease and to keep things organized. 
  • Add your most beautiful glassware to your cart to display and use. Include the glasses you often use, such as coupe glasses, cocktail glasses, flute glasses, highball glasses, whiskey glasses, red/white wine glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses etc. Coloured glasses are very trendy right now, as well as vintage thrifted pieces!


  • Looking for a little drink inspiration? It's always a good idea to have a few cocktail books on hand to flip through.  
  • A matching set of bar tools on a stand is both practical for serving and ascetically pleasing. Any true cocktail lover has a cocktail shaker on their bar cart! These tools go hand in hand. 
  • Your guests may need a stir stick, a straw, a coaster or a small napkin for their drink. Add it to the cart for convenience when entertaining. 
  • If you have a spot for a tea towel on your cart, include one with a fitting print on it. 
  • A glass jar or bowl of fresh lemons and limes is a great addition to add some colour! Alternatively, if you love candy, add a glass bowl filled with your favourite sweet treats. 
  • Don't forget to add an ice bucket! Go for something outside of the box with a pop of colour or a fun pattern.



If you ask me, this is the fun part of styling a bar cart! Now you get to add the personal touches that make this piece a show-stopper! We recommend playing with varying heights, shapes and textures with the items on your cart to create elements of visual interest. 

  • A vase of fresh flowers is a welcomed addition to any space, including on a bar cart! If you have a thriving green thumb, you may opt for a potted plant instead. 
  • Interested in creating a little ambience? Add a few candle sticks to the cart displayed in fun candle holders. If you have a large cart and the room needs a little more light, add a small lamp! 
  • Framed photos of a precious moment can add a personal element to the cart. Alternatively, art prints can add both colour and whimsy when framed as well. 
  • Add height and explore layering by adding a few coffee table books. Stacking them, and adding a floral arrangement on top will give the cart an air of femininity. 
  • Go monochromatic. Do you want your bar cart to blend into your existing home decor? Create a monochromatic look with intentional styling choices. 
  • Explore the unexpected. What makes a space unique are its decorative elements. Even if you may question putting a piece on your cart, be willing to try it out to see how it looks, you may surprise yourself. 


There you have it! We hope that these suggestions inspire you to redesign or create your own bar cart for your space that is both functional and beautiful. If you complete this project, give us a shout-out on Instagram. We would love to see your hard work! @jeanricher.

Happy Designing! 

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