Summer Selling Tips

Thursday Apr 20th, 2023


Summer is almost here! Did you know it is the perfect time to sell your home? The warm weather and sunny skies make for great curb appeal, and families are often more motivated to buy before the school year starts in September! With the season on our side, it's possible to receive top dollar for your beautiful property! If selling in the summer is the plan for you and your family, there are some things you should do to help sell your home as fast as possible, for the best price. Following the tips we are sharing today will do just that. 

Declutter and Clean
Before you start showing your home, it is essential to tidy it up by decluttering and cleaning it. Decluttering your home means removing all personal items, including family photos, collectibles and unneeded furniture from your space. We ask our clients to give their homes a more minimal look to appeal to potential buyers. The goal is for the buyer to be able to see themselves living there and to admire how much space you have to offer, free from accessive objects and personal decor. We recommend giving your home a thorough cleaning before each showing. This way the buyer can focus on how beautiful your property is and not on unwanted dirt or grime within the space. 

Enhance Curb Appeal
Your home's first impression begins when the buyer pulls into your driveway. Having impactful curb appeal will make that impression a great one, not to mention grab their attention! If a buyer sees how well you take care of your landscaping, it will ease their mind knowing you also take great care of the inside of your home. A few things to do to boost your curb appeal are to polish your landscaping. Trimming bushes, weeding the gardens, adding fresh mulch, and cutting the grass. If needed give your front door a fresh coat of paint and change out the hardware if it is dated. Finish off the look with a floral wreath for a nice summer touch! Lastly, adding a few potted plants and flowers to your front porch, as well as seating will give your property that welcoming feeling of home to the buyer they are sure to love.

Make Repairs
When you have been living in a home for a long time, small repairs can go unnoticed or be put off throughout the year. Before putting your home on the market, tackle the repairs on your to-do list once and for all! Buyers will notice if there are unfinished projects. This could be repairing faucets, replacing cracked tiles, sealing windows or repainting walls to make your home move-in-ready. We want the buyer to see how well-kept your property is to help them say "I want to buy this home!"

Make it Bright and Cool
Summer days are long, and natural light is abundant. Make the most of it by opening the curtains, and shades, to let in the sun through your freshly cleaned windows! Allowing the sunlight inside will make the space feel bright and airy. It even has the power to make rooms appear bigger! Natural light is your best friend. In Ottawa, our summer days can get very hot! Give the buyers a break from the heat by keeping your home cool with air conditioning. We want buyers to feel comfortable as they explore your home, making this a very important part of your showing. 

Stage Your Home
Make your home stand out by staging it. Bringing in a stager to walk through your home and make suggestions is a no-brainer! They are trained with the buyer's interest in mind. They know exactly what a buyer wants to see when they visit your home and they can help you to achieve it. Staging is an important part of marketing your home. When potential buyers see your home listed for sale they will be delighted to find a well-laid-out floorplan that allows them to see what your home has to offer at its best. If staging is not in your budget, consider rearranging your furniture to make your living spaces appear more significant and more comfortable. You can also accessorize and place vases, and other decorative elements that make the home more inviting in the space.

Work with an Agent
Finally, working with an experienced real estate agent can make a significant difference when selling your home. They are the experts and they are dedicated to selling your property at top dollar. Selling your home is a big step in your life, a real estate agent is there to help you through the process and to take the stress away! They will take the rains in pricing your home, staging, marketing, and negotiating with buyers! Team Jean Richer would love to meet with you to discuss your housing needs or any questions you may have about real estate. If you'd like to contact us today head to the contact section of our website. There you will find all the information you need. 

In conclusion, selling your home during summer can be a breeze if you take the time to prepare it well. Decluttering, cleaning, staging, making repairs, and working with an agent are all steps that can help you sell your home quickly and for the right price. Summer is all about fun, so let's get selling so you can enjoy it to the fullest! 

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