Timeless Fall Decorating

Friday Sep 16th, 2022


Autumn Has Arrived!

Many would agree that this time of year is the coziest of all! As the weather changes and we wave goodbye to summer, we are met with all of the loveable attributes of autumn to fall for all over again! If you are an avid home decorator, you know all about seasonal decor and how enjoyable it can be to transform your space year-round. We have found some tasteful and timeless ways to add the feeling of fall to your home in a muted way. Let's introduce you so that you can add them to your home this season! 

Play With Fall Colours 

When fall crosses the mind, we are met with the hues of the trees, the seasonal harvest vegetables and fall spices! These are the perfect colours to draw inspiration from while decorating your home for autumn! Starting in the living room, swap out your pillow covers for those with warm tones and heavier fabrics. These materials remind us of knit fall sweaters and cozy nights by the fireplace, all warm and wrapped up.
Layering can make an area feel comfy. Adding textured throws and soft blankets to your furniture with the pillows will give the room that inviting look you crave. This also holds true when it comes to your bedding. Adding patterns and colours that resemble the natural parts of fall while layering them up, will help create that cohesive effect throughout the home. Warmth can also be added to a space by adding a neutral rug, a few wicker baskets, or by swapping out a few pieces of art or photo prints for a fall-themed colour palette. We are aiming for small changes that make a home feel inviting and comfortable.

Reimagine Florals 

Autumn offers us some of the most vibrant and luxurious florals of the year! They come in many playful textures, shapes and colours to choose from. Adding a few floral arrangements to your home will add a welcoming touch to the space. Bring fall inside by doing a little light-hearted foraging in your backyard or a nearby park! Adding a few branches with small berries or leaves attached can make a vase pop on a console or dining room table. If you are interested in florals that last, try different types of grass, wheat or cotton, as well as dried flowers. 
Decorating with dried florals chosen throughout the summer is a great way to add colour and warmth to your space throughout. These can become interesting conversation pieces when seen by your guests! 

It's All About The Details

The small things make all the difference when it comes to seasonal decor! To continue our fall theme throughout the home we are sharing a few more elements to add to your space. Decor accents that remind us of fall are made with natural materials, like stone, wood and brass. Adding a dish, a bowl or a few vases to a side table or a coffee table will give off that fall feel. When we think about being cozy, there are always candles involved! Adding a few coloured candle sticks will bring in those warm hues of fall along with the ambiance of a cool night. When it comes to scents, you can't go wrong with a few beautiful scented candles in a space! Fall is often associated with the comforting smells of pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon and crisp fall air, lighting one of these scents will surely make your home autumn perfection. Speaking of pumpkins, if you love the pumpkin aesthetic, integrate them throughout your decorating process here and there as natural touches on shelves and in centerpieces. 

We hope these whimsical fall-themed ideas help you get your home ready for autumn's arrival! If you liked our suggestions or used a similar style in your home, tag us in a photo of your beautiful home on Instagram! Happy decorating everyone! 

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