Your 10-Part Guide To Fall Fun

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2023


We are now officially one month into the fall season, and it is passing us by rapidly! Some of the best parts about fall here in Ottawa are all of the fun-filled activities that you get to enjoy under the colourful leaves and in the crisp autumn air. It is the perfect season to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the company of the people that you love most. To help motivate you to have fun, stay social and experience what fall has to offer, we are sharing 10 ways that you can spend a day off this fall and ensure that you don't miss a thing! 

Autumn Craft Night
Get inspired by the beautiful colours of the season this fall by embracing your artistic side! Put on your hosting hat and invite your friends over for an evening of crafting. Here are a few suggestions to try out. Paint & Sip: Host a paint-and-sip night where you recreate a fall landscape in nature while enjoying a cozy cocktail. Wreath Making: Design a beautiful personalized wreath to place on your front door in hues of fall colours using a grapevine wreath, with material additions like burlap, faux leaves, pumpkins, dried flowers and textured grass. Pumpkin Painting: Add to your festive fall home decor by hosting a pumpkin painting party. Get inspired by autumn and create a design with paint that will complement your front porch nicely! 

Fall Hike & Picnic 
The best way to see the colours of autumn is in the heart of nature! Head out for a hike through a wooded area here in Ottawa. Take your time to admire the changing colours of the trees and the wildlife all around you. Disconnect from your devices and immerse yourself in your surroundings to make a lasting fall memory. Once you reach your destination, take a break with a packed picnic lunch somewhere with a great view of the stunning nature around you! 

Brewery Afternoon
Indulge in a glass of locally brewed beer here in Ottawa at a popular brewery. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere, sitting by a fireplace inside on a cool fall day with a beer in hand. Snack on some bites with a friend and get lost in an afternoon of relaxation. Try out a few of the local favourites in a beer flight to explore the unique flavours the brewery specializes in. If offered, take a tour of the brewery to learn more about their recipes and their manufacturing process. 

Fall Dinner Party
Fall is the beginning of the cozy weather season here in Ottawa. The cooler weather motivates us to start cooking and baking warm and delicious meals again with more time spent at home. This makes for the perfect opportunity to host friends and family and treat them to a fall-themed party, filled with goodies! Serve up your favourite warm, savoury dishes, paired with seasonal-themed, cocktails to enjoy in your fall-decorated dining room! This is the perfect recipe for a fun fall evening filled with conversation and great company. 

Apple Picking
Head to your local apple orchard this fall to fill a bag with apples you picked yourself right off the tree! Snack on mini cinnamon sugar donuts, and sip on hot apple cider while you enjoy walking through the orchard collecting apples and taking photos while you make memories. This perfect fall day doesn't have to end here! Head home with your friends or family and have an apple pie bake-off! Judge who's apple pie recipe is the best and announce the winner at the end! What's the prize you may ask? All you can eat pie of course! 

Cozy Fall Bonfire
Stay warm and cozy on a cool fall night by hosting a backyard bonfire with friends! Bring out the s'more ingredients and roast the marshmallows while you warm up by the fire wrapped in blankets and thick hoodies. Spend the evening playing music, chatting and enjoying the last few memories of fall before the chill of winter arrives! 

Fall Farmers Market Shopping
Stock up on fall fresh produce and artisanal products at a local farmers market this season. Grab a coffee at a nearby shop before you start walking through the market to make your morning a little sweeter! Grab a bouquet for your kitchen and whatever else you may need along the way. Supporting local is great for the community and you get to know exactly where your food is coming from and how it was grown! 

Scenic Drive 
Head out on a scenic drive through the rural parts of the city to see all the colours of the changing leaves this season. Take in the stunning views by taking your time along the way, and by stopping at a roadside stand to grab some seasonal treats. You can even make spontaneous detours to explore small towns along the way to see what you can discover!

Pumpkin Patch 
Get in the fall spirit by picking out the perfect pumpkins at the pumpkin patch for your fall home decor! Take your time walking through the field, taking photos with your chosen pumpkins and taking in the farm views. Enjoy all the activities that the farm has to offer like the petting zoo, corn maze, hay rides, fall treats and more! 

Baking & Movie Night 
Staying inside on a chilly fall night is made even better with a movie marathon and a few fall snacks! Before you snuggle up with a warm blanket and press play with your hot cocoa in hand, take the time to bake a few treats to enjoy during the evening. Whether it be sweet apple turnovers, pumpkin pie bites or cinnamon-spiced cookies the aroma alone will make your home feel cozy and you can happily indulge while you sit back to watch your favourite fall films. 


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