10 Fun Indoor Date Ideas For Chilly Winter Days

Tuesday Dec 19th, 2023


The phrase "never stop dating" is both sentimental and true. When you have been in a relationship for a long time with your partner, routines of busy everyday life can get in the way of the quality time you share as a couple. When you get the opportunity to go out, it is often the same song and dance, dinner out and a movie. Don't get us wrong this combo is a go-to for a reason. It is reliable and comfortable. With winter now gracing us with its cold, dark presence, you may be finding yourself wanting to stay in on a Friday night. But before you pick up the remote and spend the next few hours in silence watching television, consider changing up your plans and trying out one of these fun date night alternatives!  

Happy Hour

  • Happy hour starts on your timeline, right in your kitchen! Plan to create a signature cocktail to enjoy together to kick off your evening at home. Go out of your comfort zone to design something fun that you haven't tried before so that you can enjoy a new experience. While you are sipping your drinks you can create an appetizer or two, or simply throw something in the oven to snack on while you catch up on the day you've had together. 

A Mellow Picnic 

  • You don't need hot weather and a view to enjoy a romantic picnic with your significant other. Lay down a blanket in your living room, place a few pillows on the floor and sit while eating by candlelight. You can enjoy your picnic favourites like a charcuterie board, finger foods, a bottle of wine and of course, a dessert. This one-on-one time is perfect for reconnecting and enjoying conversation in a fun setting. 

A Tasting Spread

  • Bring an immersive tasting experience home for a fun date night. Whether you enjoy going to a winery, a brewery or a whiskey tasting, it is so enjoyable to taste drinks paired with specific foods that complement them. Recreating this experience at home with your favourite food and drink is interactive and customizable to your taste! You could pair flavours of chips with different types of wine for example, or simply find the perfect cookie and ice cream combination for the ultimate ice cream sandwich! The possibilities are endless, don't forget to rate your favourites at the end. 

Crafty Clay Creations 

  • We are bringing out the air dry clay for this date night inspiration! Creating a craft is the perfect way to spice up an evening at home, especially if it's something new you can experience together! Following the instructions on the box of clay, create a small ceramic piece for your partner. This could be something that reminds you of them, or perhaps something they could use, like a trinket dish, a plant pot, a candle stick holder, or a figurine. 

Powers Out Night

  • With so many electronics in the house, it is easy to get distracted by your phone, the TV or the computer when you are planning to spend time together. But when the pretend power is out, that means it's time to have fun the old-school way! Bring out the candles and set the scene by turning off the lights. Spend the evening reading books, playing games, and raiding the fridge just like you were kids again, electronics-free! The nostalgia alone will bring with it lots of laughs and endless topics for conversation. 

Home Bakery 

  • If you like to spend time together checking out new cafes, trying their gourmet treats and locally brewed coffee we challenge you to create a cafe right in your kitchen. Yes, this means exploring coffee recipes, working on your latte art, and whipping up delicious creations! Make something new together like homemade croissants, scones or cakes while listening to music. You are sure to get lost in the process and have so much fun becoming baristas and bakers for the day. 

Weekend Stay-cation Bliss 

  • A great date doesn't just have to last the evening, make it a weekend experience! Put your normal weekend routine on hold and pretend like you are away enjoying a luxurious hotel. Have breakfast in bed, relax with a spa treatment, read a book, catch a movie, but most importantly, put off the responsibilities of life at home and enjoy time together stress-free! 

Themed Cuisine and Entertainment 

  • Together choose a location that you have always wanted to travel to. Then plan an evening around that location of what you would like to eat and what type of film you'd like to watch. This could be as simple as ordering takeout from an Italian restaurant and then playing a movie that takes place there. Or you can get more interactive by recreating a dish like homemade pasta while listening to music from an artist who is Italian! The choice is yours and this evening is customizable to your taste completely!  

Portraits and Paintbrushes 

  • This is a funny take on a paint-and-sip party for two! Instead of watching an online tutorial detailing what you should paint and how, alternatively paint portraits of one another. Enjoy your favourite snacks and drinks at home while you make custom art for your spouse. This activity is meant to be lighthearted and silly. We are not all artists, but this is a fun way to laugh together and get creative at the same time. 

Memory Lane Movie Marathon

  • Together compile a list of movies that hold sentimental value for both of you. Whether they're films from your early dating days or ones that you both love, create a movie marathon list that takes a trip down memory lane. Cuddle up on the couch, or create a pillow fort with twinkle light to relax in while you hunker down for an evening full of movie fun! Grab the bowl of popcorn and put on your pyjamas and fuzzy slippers for the ultimate cozy night in. 

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