2022 Has Style

Friday Feb 11th, 2022


2022 Has Style

The interior design trends and styles are out on the shelves, in showrooms, and are demanding to be noticed. A big part of this year's popular style is personality. Now is the time to embrace personal touches, showcase your passions, create your vision and see where it takes you. We are going to do a deep dive into all things on-trend to create beautiful and powerful interiors this year! 

Daring Design


Colour, patterns, and shape. 2022 is loud and bold! Furniture is very structural. Shape and movement are being emphasized in design. The rounded archways we embraced last year in our door frames and painting DIYs are making their way through the latest couch and chair designs. Mirrors, tables and decor as well are taking the curved shape approach. Travel is inspiring interiors everywhere. Many are displaying beloved pieces from trips, emphasizing family antiques and unique personal accents to their spaces. This has headlined the mixing of design styles in many homes today. Rich colours are popping up everywhere, in paint and decorative accents. Bright and adventurous patterns are being used in rugs, throw pillows, art, and lighting as hero pieces that bring your attention to a room. 


Nature Escape

Today, we are in the constant search for comfort. We desire our homes to be a space of relaxation, contentment, and peace. This feeling is brought into a room through nature. Earth colors, shades of green, brown, blue, give off a calming effect that we are all in need of. Elements that bring this feeling into a home are natural materials, stone, wood, and texture. Adding large plants to your home, sculptural pieces, and raw materials can give the illusion of bringing nature in. Having spent so much time inside these past years we are beginning to take into account how are our environments make us feel. Bringing in those elements of nature help to keep our time spent at home more at ease and tranquil. 


Earth on the Brain

Many people today are concerned about their carbon footprint. They are taking into account their amount of waste, their purchasing habits, and how it affects the world around them. This is bringing on a vintage movement everywhere. Buying vintage and antique is reducing waste, and encouraging sustainability while bringing fun and whimsy into our spaces. The decor accents are more unique rather than trendy. More people are buying timeless pieces that will stand the test of time rather than keeping up with ever-changing design concepts. This has made the traditional style very popular now. It is being mixed with other design styles to create interest and dimension in spaces. A big part of reducing our footprint is using less energy. Smart home devices are helping to do just that. Smart plugs, bulbs, and thermostats simplify our lives and help reduce power consumption. 


Flexible Style

Multipurpose. Traditionally many homes were designed with more closed-off spaces, every room had a specific purpose. Today open concept is the more popular. The way we decorate our homes has been influenced by this change and by living with less. There are fewer home offices, spare rooms, or designated workout spaces. Our rooms today serve many different purposes to make them more functional on a daily basis. With many working from home there are more workspaces being added to common areas like the living room or the bedroom. As well as integrated places to exercise inside. We are truly focusing on having the things we need at an arms reach in the comfort of our homes. 


We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the latest designs trending this year! If you are passionate about interior design, we would love to see the way you have decorated your space. Tag us on Instagram to share your favourite 2022 trend you have implemented or your personal decor style! 



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