Beat The Boredom Blues

Tuesday Jan 25th, 2022


It's Time To Combat The Boredom Blues

Feeling low and stuck in the boredom blues? This time of year can get you down. The shorter days, cold weather, and lack of sun are the perfect recipe for seasonal depression. It can be easy to slip into watching tv all day, excessively cleaning your home, or just the mundane routines of life. Jumping out of the regular everyday pattern can give us joy and perspective in times like these. We have created a fun list of ways to combat boredom, by going out or staying in with suggestions of how to add a bit more happiness to your day.

Thrifting Fun

Head to your local thrift shop! This is such a fun activity to do with a friend. Look around at all of the interesting and unique finds the shop has to offer. This is a great way to find one-of-a-kind home decor and pieces no one else will have! If you are interested in clothing, have fun picking out outfits for your friend to try on and vice versa. Have a mini fashion show!

Get Cooking/Baking

Are you passionate about cooking or baking? Or maybe it's a skill you have always wanted to learn or master. Sign up for a class online! If you'd like to learn for free try watching a tutorial of a recipe on Youtube. This is a great way to learn a practical skill with an instant and delicious payoff. 

Move your Body

Get up and move! There is no need to have a home gym or workout equipment to get a great workout in! With online classes and trainers, there is something fun to enjoy for whatever your mood may be. Try learning a new dance from a different country, participating in a meditative yoga class, or high-intensity kickboxing! To get some fresh air, take a walk in the snow to clear your head, or put on the snowshoes for that extra cardio!

Creativity Time

Get the right side of your brain going! Take the time to make something new. Here are some suggestions. Turn your family or wedding photos into a photo album or a scrapbook. Make some DIY art with watercolors or do some relaxing colouring in a themed colouring book. Try crocheting or embroidery to create some new home decor. Do some soul searching and deep thinking by writing in a personal journal. Work with clay to create unique and trendy earrings! Lastly, if you enjoy taking photos, go outside and practice your photography in nature. 

Care For You

Take care of yourself by having a self-care day! Get pampered by running a relaxing bath, putting on a hair mask, and then giving yourself a mani-pedi from home. Rest and relax with your favorite drink, turn on the neck massager, and read in a cozy place. This time to yourself will melt all the day's anxieties away while you get lost in your book. Put on your pajamas as well and get an early night's rest to rejuvenate yourself for the next day. 

Upgrade Your Existing Furniture

Give a piece of beloved furniture new life! There are many simple ways to upgrade the pieces in your house. For your wood furniture, a dining table, or a chest of drawers perhaps, you can chalk paint them a fun colour or stain them with a new finish and then add new hardware for a fresh touch! For your fabric furniture, your headboards, or an accent chair, try reupholstering them to give them a new look that matches your current style. There are great tutorials you can find on Youtube for these upscaling DIY ideas!

Rekindle A Childhood Pastime 

Feeling nostalgic? Take a trip back in time to your beloved weekends of freedom and fun. Spend the evening at a local bowling alley, or mini-golf spot. Bring the family or get your old friends together for a light-hearted game. Try rollerskating for the first time, or Go-Karting! These excitement-filled activities are sure to bring you out of your boredom funk. 

Plant Care

Are you a plant parent? It might be time to give your plant children a little TLC. Having free time allows the opportunity to care for them and their individual needs. Start by moving them around the house to find the optimal light for each one. Check on the growth of your plants, if they have stopped growing it may be time to transfer them into a bigger pot. Plants do well when their roots have room to expand. Add plant food to your watering can to boost their health. Add new soil to your plant pots, this is a little extra food for them! Can you propagate a new plant from an existing one? Clip off a piece of your plant and then put the stem in water, after some time, you will begin to see roots growing! You'll have a new plant for free!


We hope you loved these fun-filled ideas and activities. Try them out the next time you are ready to combat your boredom at home and want to try something new! As always we would love to stay in touch, reach out through our website in the contact section if you have any questions pertaining to real estate or selling your home, we would love to help! 


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