Holiday Gifts For The Last Minute Shopper

Friday Nov 10th, 2023


The holiday season is one of the most hectic times of the year! Our schedules are packed to the brim with events, parties and family time so putting together thoughtful gifts can be a struggle. With so many people to buy presents for, we can lose the personal touch that we'd love to put into every present. If we are describing exactly how you feel while gift planning, you have arrived in the perfect place for help! We have designed a quick guide to gifting thoughtfully even on a last-minute timeline. In our three-part blog, we are diving into gifts for everyone from fun experiences to beautiful home goods, and awesome electronics. We are positive that you will find the ideal present for someone in your life that they will love and appreciate this holiday season. Without further adieu, check them out! 

Fun Experience 

Shopping Spree: Although gift cards don't scream personal, they can when you choose a card from their favourite store or restaurant. This allows them to treat themselves to something they truly love.

Subscription Box: Sign them up for a subscription box tailored to their interests, such as a beauty box, snack box, or book club box. Each month they will get a little gift from you all year long!

Foodie Basket: Assemble a gourmet basket with their favourite snacks, chocolates, cheeses, or specialty ingredients for them to enjoy. If they love to cook at home, create a basket designed around a meal that they can create with the custom recipe inside. 

A Class: Book a class or workshop that matches their interests. Perhaps a cooking, ceramics, or painting class, for example, it's a fun and educational experience they're sure to appreciate and remember.

A Getaway: Give the gift of time away to someone you love with an Airbnb gift card. Many people do not have the time to book a weekend vacation, or a mini trip to have some alone time with their spouse. Offer to babysit the couple's children for the weekend they choose to make this gift truly memorable. 

Spa Day: Gifting a spa package to your loved one is a perfect way to tell them to take some me time. It allows them to get pampered and relax while someone cares for their every whim. 

Home Goods 

Cocktail Set & Fun Glassware 
This is the perfect present for a friend with a bar cart! A cocktail set is a handy bar tool, but it's also aesthetically pleasing as home decor! Adding coloured glassware will take this gift to the next level.


Candle Warmer Lamp and Holiday-Scented Candle 
This is a unique home addition for the person who loves to burn candles. The candle warmer will melt the candle wax without an open flame, while also extending the life of the candle and spreading the scent throughout the home! 

Coffee Table Book Set 
Coffee table books are the perfect addition to any living room. Choose books that match the aesthetic of the individual's home and their interest so that they are more likely to pick them up and give them a read while enjoying an evening in their space. 

Stone Essential Oil Diffuser & Set of Natural Oils 
Gift the aroma of an at-home spa with a quality essential oil diffuser and a pairing mini natural oils set. Essential oils give your home a beautiful scent and they can also help you to stay calm, relax and unwind after a long day. 

Tabletop Firepit & S'mores Set
This is a cozy gift for the person who loves the outdoors! While the cold of winter keeps us inside, they can have a little night by the fire right in their living room! Pair this present with a mini s'mores kit for a little at-home treat that will take them back to the days of summer. 

Electric Kettle & Tea Set
A cup of tea in the evening is one of life's daily comforts. Elevate their routine by gifting them a beautiful electric kettle to add colour to their kitchen, paired with a few luxurious boxes of imported tea. This will make them feel so special each time they make a cup. 


Smart Garden
This gadget is ideal for the home gardener. They can still enjoy their spring and summer hobbies in the middle of winter with the help of this impressive system, which needs little space! Perfect for fresh herbs all year round. 

Mini Projector 
Bring out the popcorn, this gift is an at-home mini-cinema experience! A mini portable projector is the perfect gift for hosting outdoor movie nights with friends, or simply set up in a room without television for lounging and relaxing whenever. 

Sunrise Alarm Clock 
This is not your average alarm clock! The sunrise alarm clock helps wake you up in the morning by emulating a sunrise prompting you to get up naturally as if the sun were rising in your bedroom. This may be helpful for people who have a hard time waking up in the morning! 

Smart Polaroid Printer
Give the gift of memories with a photo printer! This present is perfect for someone who uses a Polaroid camera. At times polaroids don't turn out perfectly, from conditions outside or just the lighting in general. A photo printer allows you to print photos taken on your phone, onto polaroid film that you put inside. This way you can have perfect photos in polaroid form whenever you like! 

Massage Gun / Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massage 
A relaxing massage is something we all can appreciate after a tiring day. Bring the spa to them this holiday season by gifting them a massage gun or Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage. A massage gun is great for targeting specific areas of the body that need attention, whereas a Shiatsu massage is great for use while reading or watching TV to loosen up your tight muscles. 

Retro Speaker 
Every house needs a speaker for home entertaining and everyday use. But at times speakers on the market are not the most beautiful home decor. Gift your loved one a retro or vintage-inspired speaker that they will be excited to display in their living room or kitchen. It will be a great conversation piece when friends visit their home for parties or get-togethers. 

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