The Ultimate Holiday Bucket List

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2023



If you are looking for ways to make memories with the ones you love this holiday season, you are in the perfect place! Take full advantage of all that the holidays have to offer by checking off these cheerful experiences from our Christmas bucket list! We have put together 20 in total, designed just for you, filled with fun festive flair! Let us know which one is your favourite! 

Shop At A Christmas Market

  • Experience the joyful atmosphere of a local Christmas market this season. Shop for gifts, visit local vendors, participate in festive activities and try out delicious holiday treats!

Trim The Tree

  • Make decorating the Christmas tree a family event this year! Gather the decorations, put on your favourite holiday playlist and have fun setting the festive mood in your home together.

Go Ice Skating

  •  It's the time of year for outdoor ice skating once again! Sharpen your skates, bundle up and hit the ice with friends and family for some winter fun!

Bake Holiday Treats

  • Spend a cozy day in the kitchen baking up a Christmas storm! From recreating recipes passed down from family to new exciting editions to share with others.  

Mail Out Christmas Cards 

  • Take the time to write a heartfelt note on your yearly Christmas card for each recipient. This will make the card more personal and show the recipient how much you care. 

Volunteer for a Good Cause

  • Spread a little holiday cheer by giving back to your community through volunteering. This could be serving at a soup kitchen, donating to a toy drive or offering your time at an organization that is close to the heart. 

Go on a Christmas Lights Tour

  • Hop in the car and head out on a journey to explore amazing displays of Christmas lights in your area. Get inspiration for your next home display along the way!  

Have a Snowball Fight

  • Take advantage of a fresh layer of snow this time of year and have a good, old-fashioned snowball fight! The childhood nostalgia will come flooding back as you run around the backyard throwing snowballs with family or friends! 

Attend a Holiday Concert

  • Treat yourself to a holiday-themed performance featuring classic music of the season. This could be a travelling ballet, a live concert or a show/musical. 

Build a Snowman

  • Get creative on a snow day and build a jolly snowman with all the details! Rocks for the eyes, a carrot nose, tree branch arms and a hat and mittens. You are never too old to build a classic snowman! 

Make DIY Christmas Ornaments

  • Put your crafting skills to the test and create personalized ornaments that will add a special touch to your tree. You can recreate a new Christmas decor trend or a classic look that you'd love to try out. 

Take a Winter Hike

  • Get bundled up and head out on a winter hike to take in the beautiful winter scenery. There is something so breathtaking about nature covered in a sparkling layer of snow this time of year. 

Make a DIY Advent Calendar

  • Create a personalized advent calendar filled with small gifts, acts of kindness, or festive activities to enjoy each day leading up to Christmas for someone you love.

Have a Cozy Movie Marathon

  • Build a roaring fire, grab a blanket, and indulge in a cozy movie marathon paired with hot cocoa and holiday snacks. Watch all of your classic Christmas favourites cuddled up in the glow of the twinkle lights in your decorated living room. 

Host a Dinner Party 

  • Gather your close friends and family for a holiday-themed dinner party this season! Whether it be holiday karaoke, an ugly sweater contest or a big festive potluck, try your hand at hosting a memorable event for those you love. 

Buy Matching Pyjamas

  • One of the best gifts you can receive around the holidays is a brand-new set of pyjamas. Start a new tradition this year by getting sets of matching pyjamas you and the family to wear on Christmas morning! Or you can host a holiday pyjama party with your friends where you all wear a matching set and celebrate the season! 

Buy a Holiday Drink

  • The flavours of the season won't last long! Head to your favourite coffee shop and pick up a hot holiday beverage. It pairs perfectly with walking in the glow of twinkle lights or shopping for holiday gifts! 

Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

  • Enjoy the company of a friend or your partner while wrapping holiday presents this season. Put on some music and pour a warm drink to sip on while you work away at your present wrapping skills! 

Arrange Secret Santa

  • There is no truer Christmas classic than a Secret Santa gift exchange among friends! It is the best way to spread Christmas cheer, including everyone while also saving a bundle in your wallet. 

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style

  • Plan a memorable New Year's Eve celebration to bid farewell to the year and welcome the new one with friends and family. Create a fun photo booth where guests can enjoy snapping pictures to look back on while remembering your NYE party.

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