Bringing In The Cozy Feeling Of Fall

Friday Sep 15th, 2023


As the season begins to change this time of year, we find ourselves drawn to the warm, cozy, comforting aspects of autumn.

A new chill is now in the air, which motivates us to start wearing warmer sweaters and boots, drinking hot-flavoured lattes and spending time enjoying our homes after the hustle and bustle of a busy summer. It’s hard to describe the feeling that fall exudes within us all but when you experience it within a home, you can instantly identify it. The space feels like a hug, from the warm colour tones to the ambient lighting and the feeling of overall comfort. It’s the type of space that you want to read a book in, drink a coffee in and just unwind after a long day or a long work week. Today we want to share with you how you can create this feeling of fall in your own space through the addition of a few home decor pieces, inviting lighting and natural additions. 

Layered Textiles  
Creating a fall aesthetic within your home starts with texture and layering. Whether you are working from a colour palette that you currently have, or you’re interested in bringing warmer tones into your space, it’s important to choose colours that exude the feeling of fall. This may be rust, mustard, terra-cotta, navy, forest green or tones of brown neutrals etc. Adding these darker tones to your textiles and linens can give off the feeling of a rich cohesiveness that you are looking for within your space. Layering blankets, and throws of different fabrics on your sofa or accent chairs can bring an inviting element to a room, making you want to sit and enjoy the area. Additionally, this applies to curtains and textured wall decor. Some fabrics to look out for that compliment a cozy space would be velvet, cotton, tweed, boucle, knit and wool, just to name a few. 

Natural Touches 
Bringing the outside in is a simple yet literal way to bring the essence of fall into your home. Adding elements found in nature to your space can give off the illusion of indoor-outdoor living. This includes adding elements like wood, stone, and natural foliage into your decor. These designs can be created simplistically by adding foraged branches to a vase in the living room, layering cutting boards in the kitchen, or placing decorative pieces on a stone tray at the entry. If you want to make more permanent home improvements to the structural elements of your space you can change up the finishes, hardware, flooring, tiling, and furnishings with more natural materials in mind. This will help your home to feel more organic and inspired by elements in our environment. 

Playful Lighting 
A cozy and warm space is put together with specifically curated lighting. A room that feels inviting has many different forms of lighting within it. This is called layered lighting and it looks like various floor lamps, table lamps, ambient lighting and task lighting within a space but all using the same warm-toned bulb. Layered lighting gives off an inviting atmosphere that overhead lighting cannot compete with. This same effect can be created by simply adding candles to your space. The feeling of the warm candlelight glow is unmatched when creating a cozy area in your home. 

Cozy Aroma 
Adding the scent of fall to your home can be done in a few different ways. Fall-scented candles give off ambient lighting and a pleasant warm scent to your space. A few scents to look out for this season would be pumpkin, teakwood, clove, apple, coffee, marshmallow and brandy. Using an essential oil diffuser is a clean way to add scent to your home without the use of a flame. You can find many fall scents that will make your home smell like a beautiful autumn day. Creating a simmer pot in your kitchen is a surefire way to add a fall sent to your entire home in no time, using products that you most likely have on hand. One combination you can try is a mix of sliced apples, sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves and thyme. You can add these items to a pot on the stove with water, and bring it to a light simmer. This aroma will cover your home from top to bottom with the refreshing smell of the season.  

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our four top ways to create a cozy environment within your space for the fall season. By layering textiles, incorporating natural elements, getting creative with lighting, and adding scent to your space you will have created a cozy atmosphere in no time. Happy fall decorating everyone!

We would love to see what you create. Please reach out to us on Instagram to let us know how you did with these suggestions. 

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