Micro Home Luxuries

Friday May 05th, 2023


Our homes are like a little haven. They hold a small part of our lives inside them. They are filled with things that bring us joy, our memories and our comforts. We should value the way our home makes us feel when we are inside of it. 

What if your home could feel luxurious with just a few simple additions to your space? Read along as we share a few micro ways you can change up your home decor to bring a little more elegance and beauty to your everyday living!

Organizing and Containing

Elevate Your Counter
Want to add a little elegance to your countertops? Group items on a tray in an attractive way as an alternative to having them in areas on the counter. This idea works great within the kitchen or the bathroom to hold necessities that you need close at hand. The tray or stand will bring the eye up off the surface, help keep things organized and create visual interest in the space.

Customize Bottles
Create a cohesive look with refillable bottles in your home. A distracting part of your home decor in the kitchen and the bathroom may be the bottles and containers on the counter. Consider swapping out soap dispensers, and hair/body care bottles to those that match uniformly. This swap will help your bathroom feel like a hotel with your custom skincare line! As well as keeping your kitchen looking aesthetically pleasing. For an extra touch, you can customize each bottle with a label!

Conceal Your Wires
There is nothing more unattractive than a knotted bunch of wires hanging down the wall under your tv or your computer. By investing in cable concealers or wire covers you can eliminate this visual clutter within the space in a pinch! The wires will no longer be the first thing your eyes focus on when you enter the room.

The Catch-All Basket
Does your living room feel cluttered? This is the space that we love to have comfortable pillows and blankets in high supply within: Sometimes this cozy quantity can cause a bit of clutter when things aren’t straightened up. Add a few wicker baskets to the space to throw items inside when they are not in use. This addition will help keep clutter at bay and it adds a cute accessory! This also goes for books/magazines, remotes and controllers. Having a small basket on your coffee table to place these items inside when not in use can keep things organized and tidy!


A Signature Scent
We all want our homes to smell nice at all times. Adding a natural fragrance can give your home a custom scent that is good for your body and the environment. Today essential oil diffusers come in many beautiful shapes and sizes and they can seamlessly blend into your decor. Adding a calming scent to the diffuser will leave a pleasing aroma in your home that you will immediately notice when you enter the space.

Floral Arrangements 
As luxurious as it seems to always have fresh flowers displayed in your home, it isn’t always practical and unfortunately, they die rather quickly. If you feel the same way, we have the perfect alternative for you. Head to your local flower shop or market and search for dried floral arrangements. These flowers are timeless, they keep their colour and they bring texture and whimsy to any room! You can also forage your backyard for a few branches or flowers to fill the vases in your home with. You will be surprised how high-end these stems will look displayed as decor within your space.

Dim Lighting
Looking for cozy ambient lighting? We recommend adding remote-controlled candle sticks to your mantle, coffee table or shelf for a dim light touch. They are a great alternative to scented candles and they are better for your health. With just a tap of a button, you can be surrounded by the warm light of candles without the flame. Perfect for homes with children and pets!

Raise Your Curtains
Quality curtains hung at the right level can create a beautiful statement in a room! Hanging curtains close to the ceiling draws the eye upward creating the appearance of larger windows and a larger room in general. A heavy curtain appears luxurious and expensive in any space, adding elegance instantaneously.


Dare To Be Different
Curated styling can help a home look luxurious. When you decorate your space with unique pieces that you may have found from a small local artist, or by thrifting at a vintage shop, your home will appear more custom. When we choose mass-produced pieces, our homes can lose personality and visual interest. The unique finds that we use to decorate our homes with are what our spaces special and different from any other place.

Rug Size Matters
When designing a room it’s important to take stalk of the layout. Once you have determined where you would like all of the furniture to sit, it’s vital to choose the correct rug for the area. It’s recommended that all of the furniture sits on the rug if possible, if not, half of it should fit on the rug. One rule of thumb to follow is that the front furniture legs should be on the rug at all times. When you choose a rug that is too small for the room, it makes the space feel cramped and smaller than it is. A large rug helps to pull the eye around the room by extending your gaze through the pattern of the rug and by extension the rest of the area. This change can create a grand look throughout the room, giving off that luxurious feel.

Welcome Life
Plants are the perfect addition to the home. They add texture and dimension to any space they are placed in. A large plant can create a statement and act as a point of interest in a room. Plants are not only attractive to look at but they also boost the air quality within the home and they are beneficial for our wellness. This addition is simple and can be customized to your liking with your choice of plant and its size and scale.

Curate Your Lighting
We recommend switching your ceiling light off and turning on lamps in your space instead. The light that ceiling lights illuminate can be harsh and bright, whereas lamps can give off a cozy glow within a space that helps you to relax and enjoy the environment. Whether you add table lamps or floor lighting, the swap is guaranteed to help create a more inviting space to enjoy your free time in.

We hope that you can add a little more luxury to your life with the help of these simple tips! If you loved any of our ideas, tag us in a photo of your space on the social media platforms that you can't get enough of! It's time to get luxurious!  

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